Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (B)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Bacon & Bill (Charles Walter Bacon & Frank Bill) 1898 Salt Hylton Street, Birmingham
Booth & Biggs 1904
(registered Mar 1903)
Watch chain T bar
Banks & Barnsley 1919..1922 Cigarette case, vesta
B & B 1931 Spoon
B & B 1935..1939 Bracelet
Braybrook & Britten 2001..2004 Bookmark, dish Park Parade, Ealing, London W3

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Brown & Clark 1852..1860
(registered Nov 1851)
Decanter label, flatware, knife blade Richard Street, Birmingham
B & C 1882 Bracelet
B & C 1899..1906 Box, fob medal, mug, tongs, tray
Brookes & Crookes (John Brookes & Thomas Crookes) (registered Jun 1900) Atlantic Works, St Philip's Road, Sheffield
Bach & Cooper 1948..1950 Lighter Silversmiths, Broad Street, Worcester
B & Co 1895 Pepperette lid
B & Co 1896..1898 Spoon, watch fob
Henry Bushell & Co 1898..1904
(registered May 1871)
Condiments set, decanter label, scent bottle Tenby Street North, Birmingham
Blow & Co 1899..1901 Fob medal, salt, spoon Ferdinand Fekelmeyer & Francis William Lloyd trading as Blow & Co, Gracechurch Street, London
B & Co 1903 Pot rim
B & Co 1904..1906 Salt & spoon, whisky decanter top
Burton & Co 1913
(registered Oct 1913)
Condiments set Manufacturing silversmiths, Key Hill Drive, Birmingham
Barking & Co 1919 Mustard, salt

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W I Broadway & Co 1906 Box, candlestick, caster, coaster, compact, cup, decanter label, dressing set, flask, frame, napkin ring, paperweight, pepperette, thimble, vanity set, vase
(registered Oct 1939)
(registered Dec 1944)
(registered May 1939)
(registered Mar 1976)
(registered May 1903)
Beddoes & Co 1928..1939
(registered Nov 1925)
Box, cigarette case, compact, comport, dish, dressing table set Suckling Ltd trading as Beddoes & Co, Albion Street, Birmingham

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B & Co Ltd 1910 Souvenir spoon
Boodle & Dunthorne 1933..1938 Ash tray, tea service Lord Street, Liverpool
Bishton & Fletcher 1891..1897 Bookmark, spoon Northampton Street, Birmingham
Blackmore & Fletcher Ltd 1934..1941 Condiments set, quaich
Brown & Hands (William Brown & John Hands) 1819
(registered Jan 1819)
Watch case Case makers, Well Street, Coventry
B & H 2004 Buckle
Burrows & Mills 1886..1893
(registered Jul 1880)
Brooch, cuff links, watch case Jewellers & watchmakers, Vyse Street, Birmingham
Baldwin & Marriott 1920
(registered May 1912)
Bourne & O'Neill 1883..1886
(registered Sep 1881)
Beaker, salt
Bent & Parker 1869..1909
(registered Aug 1863)
Buckle, decanter label, fob medal, military pouch mounts, whistle Military ornament makers, Northwood Street, Birmingham
Betts & Son 1807..1808
(registered c1803)
Spoon, tongs
B & S 1881 Trophy cup
B & S 1899 Teapot Possibly Bracher & Sydenham of Reading
Bach & Smith 1900..1901
(registered Apr 1900)
Fob medal, vesta
B H Britton & Sons 1907..1938 Box, cigarette case, fob medal Hockley Hill, Birmingham
Bracher & Sydenham 1911..1916 Spoon, tyg Minster Street, Reading; subsequently Queen Victoria Street, Reading

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Brook & Son 1911..1933 Badge, spoon George St, Edinburgh
B & S 1926 Box
Boorman & Son Ltd 1929..1931 Fob medal Goldsmiths & Medalists, New Road, Gravesend, Kent
B & S 1968 Locket
Bodenham & Shorthouse (John Bodenham & Alan Shorthouse) 1977..1978 Ingot pendant Manufacturing jewellers, Whitefields Road, Solihull, West Midlands
Barrett & Thompson 1917..1919
(registered Sep 1914)
Cigarette case, mustard, salt, spoon

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(registered Nov 1914)
B & T 1919..1925 Purse, wallet mount
B & W 1893..1907 Brooch, crucifix pendant
Bacchus & Whitehouse (Bernard Charles Bacchus & Eric Whitehouse) 1920..1929 Fob medal, cigarette case, souvenir spoon Vyse Street, Birmingham
Burtons & Waters 1923..1939
(registered Oct 1921)
Caster lid, perfume bottle, spoon, tea service
B & W H 1934 Fob medal
B & W Ltd 1929 Dish, tea service, trophy cup
B & W Ltd 1930..1932 Candlestick, spoon, tea service


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
British Airways 1986..1998 Cuff links, decanter label, tie pin Concorde-branded goods
Alfred Browetts & Co 1886..1903 Bowl, napkin ring, salt Dean Street, Birmingham
Birmingham Assay Office 1977..1998 Coaster, paper knife


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Barker Brothers 1871..1872, 1898..1911
(registered Feb 1871)
Basket, buckle, caster, cigarette case, compact, condiments, decanter label, flatware, inkwell, jar lid, mug, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, souvenir spoon, tea caddy, tea kettle & burner, tea service, tea strainer, toast rack, tray, trophy cup, vase Paradise Street, Birmingham; subsequently Constitution Hill, Birmingham
Barker Brothers Silver Ltd 1931..1974
(registered May 1927)
(registered May 1947)
B B 1941 Compact
Blumfeld's Best Briars (subsequently Britain's Best Briars) 1897..1913 Cigarette holder, pipe mount Proprietors: Adolph Frankau & Co Ltd, Queen Victoria Street, London EC

Mark also seen with Frankau's AF&Co mark

Bannister Brothers 1927 Cigarette case Manufacturing & wholesale jewellers, Hockley Hill, Birmingham
B B Ltd 1948..1952 Fob medal
Barclay Brothers 1921..1922
(registered Aug 1921)
Cigarette case, napkin ring
B Bros 1958 Button
Booth Brothers 1891
(registered Feb 1889)
Watch chain Northampton Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
B C 1915 Cigarette case
Bernard Cuzner 1926 Napkin ring
B C A 1971 Spoon
B C C 1998 Candle holder


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
The Black Daisy Company 1990..1996 Buckle
B D Wilmot 1891..1894
(registered Nov 1889)
Box, creamer, napkin ring, vesta Wilmot registered a similar mark with sans-serif characters Sep 1903


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
British Ever Ready Electric Co 1913 Torch
Barker Ellis Silver Co 1964..1990
(registered Oct 1964)
Bowl, chalice, coffee pot, goblet, napkin ring, salver, tea service Formed by a merger between Ellis Brothers and Barker Silver Co in 1932


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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Bert Gordon 1925..1974
(registered Feb 1923)
Bowl, candlestick, decanter label, goblet, jug, napkin ring, salver, tea service, trophy cup Northampton Street, Birmingham; subsequently Warstone Lane, Birmingham

Telephone directories list M. Gordon at the Warstone Lane address from c1940

B Greaves 1972
(registered Jul 1967)
Cigarette box Silversmith, Spencer Street, Birmingham
Britton, Gould & Co 1901..1905 Cigarette case, dish, goblet, hat pin holder, napkin ring, sovereign case, tea service, vesta Walter Hastler Britton and Edward Havelock Gould trading as Britton Gould & Co, Hatton Garden, London
Boardman, Glossop & Co Ltd 1906 Caster, pepperette Clarence Works, Pond Street, Sheffield
Birmingham Guild of Handicraft Ltd 1897..1905
(registered Jul 1897)
Ash tray, bowl, frame, jug, napkin ring, teapot


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
B H & M 1935 Compact Also seen as a cameo mark (1932)
Barnett Henry Abrahams 1891..1904 Flatware, napkin ring, opera glasses, pepperette Houndsditch, London
B H C & Co 1928..1955 Brooch, fob medal, napkin ring, souvenir spoon

(image courtesy of Dave Koncher)
B H Joseph & Co (Barnet Henry Joseph) 1886..1902 Bookmark, bowl, box, decanter label, fob medal, spoon, vesta Frederick Street, Birmingham
1887..1901, 1922


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Langstone Silver Works (Bernard Instone) 1925..1933, 1964, 1977
(registered Aug 1922)
Flatware, fob medal, knife, napkin ring, wine taster Instone founded Langstone Silver Works in Digbeth, Birmingham in 1919 and retired in 1963, the company being continued by his sons.

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Benjamin John Blake 1931 Bowl, condiments set, spoon
Birmingham Jewellers & Silversmiths Association 1935
(registered Nov 1934)
Commemorative plate
B J Keyzor & Co 1907..1909
(registered May 1906)
Caster, dressing table set, napkin ring, shoe horn, string box Spencer Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Benjamin Kirby 1829..1833
(registered Apr 1826)
Watch case Case maker, Spon Street, Coventry


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
B L 1881 Locket
Bendall Brothers (Gordon, Henry & David Bendall) 1925..1935, 1956..1959 Badge clip, fob medal, napkin ring, spoon, trophy cup Spencer Street, Birmingham
B Ld 1911, 1936 Button, fob medal Possibly Buttons Ltd or Bennett Ltd.

Buttons Ltd mark (registered Jul 1908) shown by Crisp-Jones in Silversmiths of Birmingham and Their Marks has the D underlined.

There is also a similar mark with no stop and with underlined D registered by Bennett 1907 Ltd, a Birmingham company, in Chester and London.

Bishton's Ltd 1945..1984
(registered Mar 1945)
Caddy spoon, candelabrum, cocktail sticks, condiments set, decanter label, napkin ring, salver, toast rack Northampton Street, Birmingham
B Ltd 1895..1905 Fob medal, souvenir spoon
Bracelon Ltd 1966..1975 Bangle, pendant Manufacturing jewellers, Hylton Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Benjamin May 1777
(registered Sep 1773)
Wick trimmer (working c1773-1801)

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Beatrice Midgley 1966 Caddy spoon Coventry
Birmingham Mint 1976..1986 Box, decanter label, mug, spoon
B M 1977..1979 Box, salver
Birmingham Medal & Badge Co 1950
(registered May 1949)
Golf club spoon

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B M C 1922 Spoon Note: mark is damaged due to being overstruck on another mark
Birmingham Medal Co 1922..1926 Fob medal, spoon, trophy cup Goldsmiths Buildings, Vittoria St, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
B N 1912 Spoon
B N 1923..1939 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Birmingham Plate & Cutlery Ltd 1946..1947
(registered Mar 1946)
Flatware, mug, tea service
B P Co 1966 Caster
Boots Pure Drug Company 1900..1917 Box, book cover, buckle, candlestick, cigarette case, decanter label, dish, dressing set, frame, jar top, manicure set, mustard, napkin clip, napkin ring, pencil holder, pincushion, purse,ouvenir spoon, stamp case, table lighter, tray Station Street, Nottingham

Boots was, and still is, a large chain of retail chemists.



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Bravingtons Ltd 1927..1945 Box, cigarette case, cocktail shaker, condiments set, fob medal, match book holder, napkin ring, tea service Frank William Bravington trading as Bravingtons, Pentonville Road & Ludgate Hill, London

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Bishtons Ltd 1990..2001 Napkin ring, perfume bottle

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Barrowclift Silvercraft 1972..2000
(registered Mar 1972)
Candlestick, condiments, ring tree, spoon, tazza, vase Tenby Street, Birmingham
B Stych & Co Ltd 1973 Gold ring Manufacturing jewellers, Augusta Street, Birmingham; subsequently Frederick Street, Birmingham
Brian Shadbolt 2012
(registered c1964)
B Street & Co 1919..1927
(registered Jan 1916)
Napkin ring, tea caddy
Benjamin Stuart Chinn (registered Dec 1894) Case maker, Hill Street, Coventry
Birmingham Silversmiths Co 1947..1949
(registered Aug 1947)
Ashtray, trophy cup
B S C Ltd 1994 Box
B S Ltd 1967..1974 Bowl, candelabra, salt spoon, trophy cup, vase Possibly British Silverware Ltd


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
B T C 1902 Table lighter
Benjamin Thomas Greening

B T Greening Ltd (from 1907)

1899..1907, 1921 Clock frame, knife rest, pepperette Hatton Garden, London & Hylton Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Bigbury Mint Ltd 1994 Medallists, Ermington, Devon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
B W Fase & Co 1896 Flask Oxford Street, London