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Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (E)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)
Edwards & Ball 1842..1844
(registered Jun 1839)
Salver, standish Henry Edwards & Edward John Ball, Silversmiths, High Street, Birmingham
E & B 1898 Fob medal
Elkington & Co Ltd 1854..1868
(registered Jul 1849)
Ashtray, binoculars, bowl, box, caster, chalice, cigarette case, coaster, cruet, dish, flatware, fob medal, goblet, grape shears, ink stand, mug, salver, sauce boat, tea caddy, tea & coffee service, toast rack, tray, trophy cup Newhall Street, Birmingham

(image courtesy of Carl Vince)
(registered Aug 1859)
(registered Jan 1890)
(registered Jan 1890)
(registered Apr 1906)
Ellis & Co 1896..1899
(registered Feb 1896)
Candlestick, coaster, dish, match book holder, mustard, pin tray, sauce boat, tea service Empire Works, Great Hampton Street & Hall Street, Birmingham

N.B. Punch is shield-shaped
(registered Dec 1898)
(registered Nov 1932)
Evans & Co 1908..1910 Inkwell, salt, trophy shield

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
E & Co 1926..1931 Fob medal
E & D 1863 Vinaigrette
Ernest Druiff & Co 1918..1926
(registered Feb 1919)
Cream jug, napkin ring, pepperette, tazza, tea service, toast rack Manufacturing silversmiths, Vyse Street, Birmingham

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
E & F Bauer 1911 Badge Emil & Frank Bauer, Jewellers, Albion Street, Birmingham

From c1902, Emil Frederick Bauer trading as E & F Bauer

E & J 2000 Claret jug
E & J Leek 1921
(registered Sep 1921)
Cigarette case, napkin ring, trophy cup
E & N Speak 1929..1972
(registered Mar 1917)
Box, napkin ring, salver
Edwards & Sons 1907..1913 Inkwell, vesta Regent Street, London
Edgar & Son 1919..1931
(registered Jan 1919)
Cigarette case, vesta
Edward & Sons 1926..1936 Badge, caster, condiments set, toast rack, vase Buchanan Street, Glasgow
E & V G 1977 Goblet

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E A H 1891 Walking cane handle
Edwin Alfred Marsh 1891 Brooch Jeweller, Klondyke Works, Northampton Street, Birmingham
E A P 1930 Cigarette case
E A P & Co 1916 Matchbox holder
E A W 1954..1975 Ashtray, box, fob medal, mug, salver, spoon, trophy cup

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Edward Brown 1836..1838
(registered Apr 1835)
Watch case Case maker, Hay Lane, Coventry

Also a mark in a rectangular punch registered same date:

E Baker & Son 1902..1912, 1935..1969
(registered Nov 1902 & May 1914)
Candle snuffer, cigar piercer, mustard, pen, pencil holder, sovereign holder, "Yard-o-Led" pencil Augusta Street, Birmingham
E B 1945 Spoon
E B & Co 1935 Napkin ring
E over B B 1921 Egg cup
Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd 1921..1923 Salt, salver, spoon Hatton Garden, London

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E C 1906..1908 Frame, vanity jar top
English Watch Co (1877..1884)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
E D 1882 Brooch
Dimier Brothers 1885..1888
(registered Mar 1886)
Watch case Edward Dimier trading as Dimier Brothers, watch importers & jewellers, Cannon Street, London EC
Ernest Druiff & Co (1918..1926)
Edward Dunwoody Wilmot 1853
(registered Jul 1853)
Fork Jeweller, Hockley, Birmingham

Also registered a mark without pellets same date

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
Edwin Ensor 1902 Pipe mount Pipe mounter, Little King Street, Hockley, Birmingham
E Edmonds 1919..1941, 1970
(registered Sep 1908)
Caster lid, napkin ring, salt Warstone Lane, Birmingham
Edward Ernest Bishop 1896
(registered 1896)
Dish The Arcade, Bournemouth, Hampshire
E E T 1907..1914 Thimble, vesta
E E Thompson & Sons Ltd 1921..1923
(registered Sep 1919)
Cigarette case

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E F 2005 Coaster
E F Braham Ltd (Edward Foligne Braham) 1899..1931 Inkwell, match box holder, mustard, napkin ring, pepperette, posy holder, purse, scent bottle Vyse Street, Birmingham
E F Braham & Co 1946..1959
(registered May 1941)
Compact, spoon

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
E F C 1935 Watch chain T-bar
E F C 1975..1979 Decanter label
Horace Woodward & Co (Edgar Finley & Hugh Taylor) 1884
(registered Aug 1883)
Salts Great Charles Street, Birmingham
E F S 1927..1942 Purse mount

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E G 1897 Cigarette case
E G 1900..1901 Fob medal
E G & S 1904 Mirror
E G Amatt & Co 1911
(registered Jun 1910)
Tea service
E G B 1911..1913 Imported purse
E G Ltd 1983 Egg cruet
Eustace G Parker (probably) 1897..1902 Box, creamer, salt, sucrier Altrincham, Cheshire

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Edward Hickman 1883
(registered Sep 1876)
Watch case Case maker, Old Allesley Road, Coventry
E Hill 1932..1966
(registered Apr 1932)
Caster, creamer, egg cup, spoon, toast rack Manufacturing silversmith, Regent Parade, Birmingham; subsequently Caroline Street, Birmingham
E Horton & Co 1925..1927
(registered Dec 19324
Book mark Harford Street, Birmingham
English Watch Co (1877..1884)
E H Lawley & Sons Ltd 1909..1912
(registered Sep 1909)
Card case, sucrier, vesta
E H P 1900 Wallet mount

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Edwin Jones 1834..1836
(registered Aug 1834)
Box, vinaigrette
E J 1890 Box

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
E Jacobs & Son

E Jacobs & Co (from c1899)

1895..1896 Ladel, menu holder, napkin ring, spoon, vesta Vittoria Street, Birmingham
E J C 1975..1979 Locket
E J Clewley & Co 1954 Bracelet Manufacturing jewellers, Vyse Street, Birmingham
E J Evans 1927..1938
(registered Feb 1928)
Frame, trophy cup Icknield Street, Birmingham
Ellis Jacob Greenberg 1906..1925
(registered Apr 1906)
Basket, candlestick, coffee pot, coaster, mustard, pen tray, sauce boat, tea service
(registered May 1906)
E J Houlston 1903..1963
(registered Jan 1903 & Apr 1945)
Box, card case, cigarette case, condiments, dish, napkin ring, purse, salt, sauce boat, sovereign case, tea strainer, toast rack, vesta Caroline Street, Birmingham
E J H 1973 Napkin holder
Haseler & Bill (E J Haseler & C Bill) 1921..1924
(registered Apr 1921)
Matchbox holder, salt, sauce boat, vesta
Haseler Brothers (Edward John Haseler & Noble Haseler) 1893..1905
(registered Aug 1888)
Buckle, flatware, napkin ring
Ernest J Lowe 1913 or 1938 Spoon & tongs set Grafton Street, London
Excalibur Jewellery Ltd 1972..1979 Bangle, locket Park Lane Trading Estate, Birmingham 21 & Hatton Garden, London
E J Ltd 1976..1988 Pendant, platinum ring
Exquisite Jewellery Ltd 1964..1983 Bangle, souvenir spoon Proprietor W A P Watson (see WAPW mark)

Solihull, Warwickshire

Also had premises in London & Glasgow

E J Partridge 1901..1907
(registered Feb 1901)
Decanter label, fork, knife handle, napkin ring, vesta Graham Street, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E K 1920 Imported purse

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Edwin Lee (registered May 1876) Case maker, Albion Street, The Butts, Coventry
Edward William Linnett 1897
(registered Jun 1898)
Watch case Case maker, King Street, Coventry
E L 1931 Fob medal
E L 1995 Thimble
Edward Langridge & Co 1907..1918 Purse mount, wallet mount Gold & silver mounters, London EC

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E Mellow 1918..1930
(registered Sep 1918)
Cigarette case, trophy cup Silversmith, Vyse Street, Birmingham
Eric Monk 1978 Commemorative paper weight
E M 1986..1991 Dish, grape shears, mustard, tea strainer

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
E M 1990 Miniature fishing reel
Elkington Mason & Co (George Richards Elkington, Henry Elkington & Josiah Mason) (registered Jul 1843) Cutlery This mark only seen on electroplated pieces (so far)
E Mander & Son 1897..1901 Box, frame Frame makers, Branston Street, Birmingham & Bartlett's Buildings, London EC
E Mander Ltd 1924..1950
(registered Jun 1924)
Mojon & Montandon 1881..1885
(registered May 1881)
Watch case Watch manufacturers & importers, Newgate Street, London

Edward Mojon, born Switzerland, listed in 1881 census as a watch manufacturer

Priestley in Watch Case Makers of England lists partners as Edward Major & Albert Montandon

Eldona Manufacturing Co Ltd 1926
(registered Feb 1924)
Souvenir caddy spoon Electroplaters & silver manufacturers, Summer Row, Birmingham & Frederick Street, Birmingham
E M K 1979 Matchbox holder
Edward Moses Levetus 1892 Caster, scent bottle Vittoria Street, Birmingham
E Mander Ltd (1924..1938)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E O Bateson 1946..1947
(registered Jun 1946)
Compact, napkin ring, spoon & pusher set Silversmith, Warstone Lane, Birmingham
Edward Osborn Marples (registered Jul 1897) Carver Street, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E P 1958 Tea service
Ernest Pobjoy Ltd 1972 Masonic medal Manufacturing jeweller, Streatham High Road, London SW16; subsequently High Street, Sutton, Surrey

Also traded as Pobjoy (Estreham) Ltd, masonic outfitters, Great Queen Street, London WC2

E P D 1983..1989 Spoon

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E R 1979 Candlestick

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Edward Sawyer 1777..1779
(registered Aug 1774)
Flatware Spoon maker, Great Charles Street, Birmingham
Edward Smith
(registered May 1826)
1827..1865 Box, card case, vinaigrette Silversmith, Cox Street, Birmingham; Howard Street, Birmingham (from Mar 1827)
Edward Salisbury (registered Mar 1856) Case maker, Chapel Fields, Coventry; later (1874) The Butts, Coventry
E S 1885 Watch case A mark in serif letters with pellet registered Sep 1885 by Edward Franz Hugo Schultz, watch importer, Holborn Viaduct, London, EC:
E S 1907 Napkin ring
E S & Co 1945..1963 Buckle, cigarette case, fob medal, napkin ring
E Scott & Co 1947 Pencil Northampton Street, Birmingham

A similar cameo mark registered Dec 1947

Swaine & Adeney Ltd (Edward Swaine Adeney) 1929 Riding crop Piccadilly, London
E S Barnsley & Co (Edward Souter Barnsley) 1895..1921
(registered Nov 1887 & Sep 1908)
Basket, bowl, button hook, chocolate pot, condiments, dressing table set, flatware, glove stretchers, ink pot, napkin ring, paper knife, sauce boat, teapot, toast rack, watch holder Earlier version of mark has stops at line level rather than midway

Frederick Street, Birmingham

E S C 1975..1980 Box, candlestick
Edward Samuel Jones 1895..1898
(registered Aug 1895)
Buckle, napkin ring, spoon, teapot Tenby Street, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Edward Thomason 1814..1816, 1829
(registered Sep 1815)
Flatware Church Street, Birmingham
(registered Aug 1820)
Edward Turnpenny 1848..1850
(registered Aug 1847)
Card case Silversmith, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham

(image courtesy of www.20thcenturysilver.co.uk)
Euston Terris Brown 1960..1961 Spoon Leicester

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
E U 1879 Bangle

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Viner's Ltd (Emile Viner) 1934..1941 Caster, cutlery, ladle, toast rack, tray, trophy cup Bath Street, later Broomhall Street, Sheffield

Viner changed his name from Viener in the 1920s

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Edward Wilday (registered Mar 1862) Case maker, Spon Street, Coventry; subsequently Bailey Lane, Coventry
E W 1912 Brooch
E W 1918..1919 Cigarette case
E Whitehouse & Son

E Whitehouse & Son Ltd (from 1945)

1902 Watch chain T-bar Vyse Street, Birmingham
English Watch Co (1877..1884)
E W C Co 1923..1931 Watch case Watch case marked "Eclipse"

A similar mark in a cameo punch registered Aug 1891 by the English Watchcase Manufacturing Co:

English Watch Company 1905..1906
(registered Mar 1885)
Watch case Farringdon Road, London, EC
(registered Sep 1898 & Feb 1906)
Ernest W Haywood 1931..1948
(registered Feb 1932)
Caster, egg cup, mug, mustard, napkin ring, salt, salver, sauce boat, tea service, trophy cup Silversmith, Hylton Street, Birmingham

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