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Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (G)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G & C Hodgetts 1902..1913 Napkin holder, place card holder Charles Victor Hodgetts & George Henry Hodgetts trading as G & C Hodgetts, manufacturing silversmiths, Spencer Street, Birmingham
G & C H 1914..1925 Dish, place card holder
G & C Ltd 1903..1934 Book cover, box, button hook, cigar case, cigarette case, frame, napkin ring, nutcracker, purse, vanity items
Green & Cadbury Ltd 1904..1907 Book cover, frame "Manufacturers of silver fancy goods", Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
W F Girdlestone & Co 1907 Spoon
G & Co 1913 Fob medal Medal marked "Gibson, Belfast"

Similar marks registered by Gilpin & Co, jewellers, Augusta Street, Birmingham, Jul 1889 and George & Co, gem ring makers, Vyse Street, Birmingham, Jul 1890

C Griffiths & Co 1917..1921
(registered Jun 1896)
Box, jar lid, lipstick holder
Gibson & Co Ltd 1908 Tea caddy Donegal Place, Belfast
Garrard & Co Ltd 1954..1978 Ash tray, box, compact, mustard, salt, tea strainer Regent Street, London

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
G & G 1928..1935 Menu holder, spoon
G & J Zair 1919..1935
(registered Jul 1884)
Riding crop mount Whip manufacturers, Bishop Street, Birmingham
Gilbert & Spurrier 1886
(registered Oct 1886)
Griffiths & Singleton 1901..1906
(registered Aug 1899)
Box, cigar case, dish, flask, shaving brush
Gilbert & Co 1915
(registered Dec 1909)
Napkin ring
Grant & Son (probably) 1929..1938 Butter dish, cigarette case, condiments set, napkin ring, tea service, toast rack English Street, Carlisle and/or King Street, South Shields

(toast rack marked "Grant & Son, Carlisle"; box of napkin rings stamped "Grant & Son, South Shields")

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd 1922..1951 Cigarette case, compact, dish holder, mustard, toast rack Regent Street, London
G & W 1881 Bracelet
Gilmour & Watson 1909..1920 Iona-style silver: candlestick, quaich, spoon; napkin ring Mitchell Street, Glasgow
Gray & Wilson 1927
(registered Oct 1922)
Cigarette case

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
A G (or G A) (1886)
G Aspley 1919
(registered Sep 1919)
Cigarette case, vesta
Asprey & Garrard (2000)
G A & S 1943..1948 Fob medal
G A Fulwood 1932
(registered Jan 1931)
G A M 1885 Brooch
G A Nock & Co 1971
(registered May 1961)
George Alfred Retchford 1900..1922 Brooch, fob medal St Ancocks Street, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Boot 1936..1937
(registered Jun 1936)
Egg cup, mustard, napkin ring, teapot
G Bryan & Co 1920..1948
(registered Mar 1909)
Ashtray, basket, condiments, tazza, tea service, trophy cup Standard Works, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
George Bowen & Sons 1902..1912
(registered Dec 1896)
Box, dish, spoon & tongs set Victoria Works, Augusta Street, Birmingham
Greens Bangle Manufacturing Co c2000 Bracelet Northampton Street, Birmingham
G Bs 1935 Card case

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G C 1977 Ingot pendant
Green & Cadbury Ltd 1902 Frame Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
G C & Co 1902..1903 Frame
G C Haseler & Co 1869..1881
(registered Jul 1860)
Locket, beedle case Vittoria Street, Birmingham
G Co 1928..1931 Fob medal, spoon
G C W 1892..1904 Creamer, napkin ring, spoon, sucrier, tray Possibly G C Whiles

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G Danks 1933
(registered Dec 1930)
Butter knife, preserve spoon, tongs
George David Rattray 1902..1915 Bowl, candlestick, caster, decanter label, sauce boat, spoon, tea service, vase Nethergate, Dundee

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Edward Gee (probably) 1946 Cigarette case
George Ernest Hawkins 1891..1909
(registered Apr 1887)
Box, candlestick, napkin ring, salt & pepper shakers, spoon & tongs set Legge Lane, Birmingham
G E Walton & Co Ltd (George Edwin Walton) 1888..1912 Bookmark, buckle, button hook, candlestick, caster, flatware, ink well, napkin clip, pepperette, posy holder, salt, smoker's tool, sovereign case, vanity jar top Hylton Street, Birmingham & Hatton Garden, London

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G F B 1898 Fob medal

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
George Frank Bickerton (probably) 1923..1931 Fob medal, fork, napkin ring, trophy cup, vesta Manufacturing jeweller, Hylton Road, Birmingham
G F Wall 1909..1915
(registered Mar 1909)
Napkin ring, sovereign holder
G F Westwood & Sons 1912..1936
(registered Jan 1912)
Bowl, cigarette case, napkin ring, tea strainer, vesta

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Goodman 1895..1899 Thimble Caroline Street, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George William Harvey 1894 Vesta Warstone Lane, Birmingham
G H 1899 Condiments set
George Houston 1903..1906
(registered 1903)
Napkin ring, salt, souvenir spoon, vesta Vyse Street, Birmingham
G H 1911 Imported box
G H 1977 Ingot pendant
George Harding & Sons Ltd 1911 Tongs Long Lane, Borough, London SE
Hicklenton & Sydal (H G Hicklenton & S A Phillips) 1933 Jar lid
G H Inshaw 1918..1921
(registered Mar 1919)
Cigarette case, condiments set, napkin ring
George Henry James 1895..1896 Card case, vesta
G H L 1945 Napkin ring
Henry Griffin Plant (1901..1907)
G H R 1959..1960 Box, cigarette case

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Ibberson & Co 1945 Souvenir spoon

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G H Johnstone & Co 1908..1916
(registered Feb 1907)
Cuff links, napkin clip Similar marks registered Jan 1876 & Sep 1898

Northampton Street & Hatton Garden, London

Josiah Williams & Co (George Maudsley Jackson & David Landsborough Fullerton) 1907 Toast rack Bristol

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Kenning & Son 1919..1936, 1956 Buckle, fob medal, masonic regalia London manufacturers; also had a shop in Manchester

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G Loveridge & Co (George Loveridge) 1898..1907
(registered Jun 1897)
Brooch, cigarette case, fob medal, napkin ring, sovereign case Spencer Street, Birmingham

Mark with pellet registered Nov 1871:

(registered Dec 1899)
(registered Jul 1904)
(registered Dec 1899)
(registered Jun 1897)
George Lingard 1900..1901
(registered Nov 1899)
Bowl, candlestick Also registered an incuse mark G.L Apr 1886
G L Connell Ltd (George Laurence Connell) 1915..1932 Bowl, condiments, spoon, vase Cheapside, London
Gieves Ltd 1928..1941 Box, cigarette case, clock, compact, dressing set, matchbook holder, napkin ring Old Bond Street, London

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Gustav Mayer 1883
(registered Jan 1883)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Thavies Inns, London EC
G M & S 1933..1938 Dish, suace boat, toast rack, trophy cup
G M & S Ltd 1912 Cigarette case
G M C 1977 Ingot pendant
Gorham Manufacturing Co 1904..1938 Basket, condiments set, dish, napkin ring, spoon, tea service, tongs, trophy cup Sterling Works, Barr Street, Birmingham & Providence, Rhode Island, USA
G M G 1998 Frame
George Melville Horton 1830..1833
(registered Jul 1830)
Box, decanter label Great Hampton Street, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G Norman 1918
(registered Apr 1916)
George Nathan & Ridley Hayes 1897..1915
(registered Mar 1894)
Basket, bowl, box, candlestick, chalice, mustard, tea service Icknield Street & Howard Street Birmingham & Hatton Garden, London

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G P 1988 Frame

(image courtesy of Yellowhill Silver)
G P 1988 Coaster
G Payne & Son 1909..1930 Cup, pepperette, quaich, spoon Oxford Silversmiths & retailers; this mark probably in use up to c1960

Web site

G P C 1927 Stamp case
G P Ltd 2000 Pepper mill, salt, wine funnel A very similar mark seen with a Sheffield assay (and an identical mark with a London assay)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Randle 1892..1931
(registered Nov 1888)
Box, card case, cigarette case, napkin ring, vesta Vittoria Street, Birmingham
G R Collis & Co 1835
(registered Nov 1835)
Jug, ladle, tureen, vinaigrette George Richmond Collis & George Whitgrave,
Church Street, Birmingham
(registered Nov 1834)
(registered Mar 1837)
(registered Sep 1858)
G R W 1904
(registered Nov 1888)
Fob medal

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
C S (or G S) (1927)

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Gomms 1930..1938 Condiment set, napkin ring, souvenir spoon Manufacturing jewellers, Highgate Street, Birmingham
Gs 1986 Napkin ring
G S 2002..2003 Commemorative items produced by the Royal Mint: coaster, ladle, quaich
G S 2011..2012 Ingot pendant
G S C 1990..1997 Clock, spoon
G S Twist 1934..1938
(registered Aug 1934)
Baby's rattle, box, manicure set, spoon, toast rack

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G T 1810 Watch case
George Thickbroom 1814
(registered Feb 1812)
Watch case Case maker, Coventry
G T 1898..1899, 1933 Masonic medal
George Tarratt Ltd 1953..1955 Creamer, salver, teapot Market Street, Leicester
G T S 1882 Pendant

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Unite & Sons 1832..1926
(registered Aug 1832)
Box, buckle, butter dish, candlestick, card case, cigar case, condiments, decanter label, flatware, fruit knife, knife rest, napkin ring, spectacles, sauce boat, tea caddy, tea service, toast rack, vesta, vinaigrette Caroline Street, Birmingham

George Unite before c1873

(registered Aug 1861)
(registered Aug 1861)
(registered Nov 1864)
G Unite & Sons & Lyde Ltd 1928..1933

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Gourdel Vales & Co 1901..1909 Anointing spoon, bowl, box, button hook, frame, napkin clip, pencil holder, pepperette, stamp case, vase Great Marlborough Street, London

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Gervase Wheeler 1832..1839
(registered Jul 1831)
Decanter label, fork, knife, vinaigrette St Paul's Square, Birmingham
G W 1997 Menu holder
G W Aldridge 1921..1922
(registered Mar 1922)
Spoon, vase
G Wheeler & Co (George & Mary Wheeler) 1855..1862
(registered Jan 1856)
Card case, fruit knife, vinaigrette Bartleets Buildings, Holborn, London
G W Harvey & Co 1897..1898, 1908 Cigarette case, dish, souvenir spoon, vesta Frederick Street, Birmingham
G W Lewis & Co 1920..1943
(registered May 1919)
Ash tray, bowl, box, brush, condiments set, frame, napkin ring, nutcracker, salt, strainer, trivet
Singleton & Cole Ltd (1914)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Grey & Co 1894..1898 Ash tray, belt, buckle, ink syand, menu holder, paper holder, pincushion, seal, souvenir spoon Market Place, Oxford Street, London & Great Portland Street, London (after 1922)

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