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Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (H)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Horton & Allday 1888..1933 Box, cigarette case, dressing set, matchbook holder, tray, vesta Warstone Lane, Birmingham & Poland Street, London W
H & A 2001..2003 Box
H & Co 1900..1902 Fob medal A similar mark with sans-serif characters registered Oct 1900 by Harley & Co, pencil case manufacturers
Hands & Co 1900..1901
(registered Feb 1901)
Bowl, fob medal, vesta
Hamilton & Co 1902..1916 Coaster, cup holder, dish, teapot, vase Regent Street, London
Hayes & Co 1907..1911
(registered Jan 1908)
Caster, compact, inkwell, jar top, knife rest, mustard, purse, salt, tea caddy, tea service, vesta
H & Co 1909 Napkin ring
Howard & Co 1911
(registered Nov 1909)
Hamilton & Co
(of Calcutta)
1911..1912 Cup holder, dish, sucrier Eastcheap, London & Calcutta, Delhi & Simla
Hazelwood & Co 1921..1931
(registered Sep 1911)
Cigarette case, napkin ring
Haseley & Co 1926 Box, cigarette case
H & F 1850 Butter knife
Hall & Fitzgerald 1904 Cheroot holder "Merchants of tobacconists' fancy goods", Bristol
Hayes & Finch Ltd 1900..1913 Decanter label, ecclesiastical silver "Ecclesiastical candle manufacturers", Henrietta Street, London (1910); Vernon Street, London (1928); Bedford Street, London WC2 (1938); Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1 (1958)
Hastelow & Harlow 1832..1835
(registered Sep 1831)
Fruit knife
Hukin & Heath Ltd 1881..1882, 1923..1937
(registered Nov 1875)
Bowl, caster, claret jug, creamer, cruet, decanter, decanter label, dish, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, spoon, toast rack, vanity jar top Great Charles Street, Birmingham
(registered Nov 1909)
(registered May 1938)
H & H 1929 Matchbook holder
Harrison & Hipwood 1921..1935
(registered Feb 1904)
Desk calendar, spoon, tazza, trophy cup Warstone Parade East, Birmingham
Hasset & Harper Ltd 1918..1925
(registered Jan 1919)
Box, cigarette case, condiment set, dressing set, frame, manicure set, match book cover, napkin ring, purse, spoon
(registered Jul 1932)
Hamilton & Inches 1929..1953 Badge, fob medal, inkwell, tray, trophy Princes Street, Edinburgh
1937, 1978
Hollis & Newman 1901 Flask Tenby Street North, Birmingham
Hollman & Norton 1926..1936
(registered Apr 1921)
Cigarette case, napkin ring, spoon, tea & coffee service
Hirons & Plante 1880..1891
(registered Dec 1860)
Caster, creamer, napkin ring, salt
Hands & Pearce 1901..1902
(registered Aug 1901)
Fob medal, vesta, watch chain T-bar
Haseler & Restall 1945..1973
(registered May 1946)
Beaker, condiments, presentation trowel, spoon
H & R Marsh 1913..1919 Fob medal Bath, Somerset
Hawksford & Son 1898
(registered Jun 1896)
Cigar holder mount Pipe mounters

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
H & S 1901 Match striker A similar incuse mark without the lozenge registered Chester & London Assay Offices by Hart & Sons
H & S 1902 Vesta A similar mark registered London Assay Office, Mar 1900, by Huxley & Sidebotham
Hart & Sons 1902..1903 Jar lid, match striker Fancy goods warehousemen, Goswell Road, London
Harrison & Sons 1911..1938 Bowl, fob medal, spoon, sucrier, toast rack High Row, Darlington
Hilliard & Thomason 1848..1908
(registered Jan 1847)
Ash tray, box, card case, decanter label, dish, flask, flatware, fruit knife, knife rest, matchbox holder, mug, napkin ring, nutmeg grater, salt, vesta, vinaigrette, watch stand Spencer Street, Birmingham
(registered Aug 1875)
(registered Apr 1861)

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
H & T 1883 Fob medal
H & W 1892..1900 Brooch, dish
Hemming & Walton 1919..1924
(registered Feb 1919)
Box, cigarette case
Howard & Walsh Ltd 1924 Fob medal Watchmakers & jewellers, Yorkshire Street & Middleton Road, Oldham, Lancs

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Adcock 1810
(registered Apr 1808)
Hair comb Whittall Street, Birmingham
Henry Hyde Aston 1862..1869
(registered Feb 1862)
Card case, cigar case, cup, gold ring, mustard, salt Regent Place, Birmingham
Atkin Brothers 1890..1896 Bottle/jar top, flask, inkwell Truro Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
Henry Allday & Son 1900..1901
(registered Jun 1883)
Watch chain & T-bar Chain manufacturers, Warstone Lane, Birmingham
H A Lane 1919
(registered Jul 1919)
Cigarette case
H A Shelley & Co 1933..1938 Fob medal Medallists, High Holborn, London EC1
Harold Archer Underwood 1906..1907 Napkin ring, ring stand, spoon Brearley Street, Hockley, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Buckland 1863
(registered Mar 1863)
Watch case Case maker, Moat Street, Coventry; later Spon Street, Coventry
Henry Bourne 1875..1910
(registered Oct 1871 & Dec 1907)
Basket, napkin ring, pepperette, salver, sauce boat, spoon set, tea service, toast rack Ludgate Hill, Birmingham

Henry Bourne retired, probably about 1899, and the business was continued by his son Henry Hutton Bourne until c1910.

Hayes Brothers 1889..1898 Brush, buckle, butter shell, napkin ring, pen, pepperette, salt, scent bottle, spoon, sugar bowl, vesta Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
Herbert Bushell 1897..1909 Fob medal Northampton Street, Birmingham
Bladon & Co (Harry Bladon) 1899 Fob medal Masonic jewellers & goldsmiths, Clerkenwell Road, London
H Brown 1973
(registered Oct 1955)
Herbert Bushell & Co Ltd 1903..1913 Box, frame, mustard, napkin ring, salt Tenby Street North, Birmingham
(registered Aug 1906)
Herbert Bushell & Son Ltd 1914..1926 Bracelet, cigarette case, fob medal, spoon, watch chain T-bar Northampton Street, Birmingham
H (B A) Ltd 1919..1922 Cigarette case, mustard
H B H 2000..2002 Condiments set, spoon
H B Johnson & Co 1907..1913 Whisky noggin Silversmiths, Percival Street, Clerkenwell, London EC

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
H Bros 1882..1888 Bracelet, pin cushion, salt, vesta
H Bros 1885..1891 Box, salt, vesta
Harman Brothers 1918..1927, 1960..1973
(registered Sep 1918)
Ash tray, box, cigarette case, compact, decanter label, frame, napkin ring Spencer Street, Birmingham
(registered Apr 1932)
(registered Apr 1932)
H Bros 1943..1947 Napkin ring
Haseler Brothers 1882..1887
(registered Nov 1883)
Butter shell, napkin ring, pepperette Branston Street, Birmingham
H Brs 1910 Tongs
Hardy Brothers 1909..1953 Bowl, card case, cigarette case, cigar lighter, compact, trophy cup, vanity items, vesta, watch stand Charterhouse Street & West Smithfield, London. Also in Sydney & Brisbane, Australia.
H Bs 1881 Sovereign case
Hirst Brothers & Co Ltd 1914 Purse Wholesale jewellers, Curzon Street, Oldham, Lancashire
Harrison Brothers & Howson Ltd 1962..1996 Candlestick. decanter label, flask, salt & pepper shakers, spoon, tastevin, tea strainer, toast rack The Chase, London SW4

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