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Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (J)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Collins 1822..1867
(registered Oct 1816 & various dates to 1859)
Flatware, knife, vinaigrette Cook Street, Birmingham; subsequently Suffolk Street, Newhall Street, Frederick Street.

A similar mark registered Feb 1828 by Joseph Carnall, plater.

Collins registered a mark with stop May 1838:

J Cook 1885
(registered Jun 1878)
Fob medal
John Clifford (probably) 1896
(registered Sep 1885)
J C 1899..1906 Fob medal Possibly John Culver
John Culver 1902 Fob medal Clerkenwell, London
G H Johnstone & Co (1916)
James Carr 1928..1949 Bowl, box, cigarette case, condiments set, dressing table set, spoon, tea service Manufacturing jeweller, Little Belmont Street, Aberdeen
J C 1977 Spoon
J C 1984..1991 Candlestick, decanter label, frame, vase
J Collyer & Co Ltd 1904..1912
(registered Jul 1900)
Jug, scent bottle lid Hockley Hill, Birmingham
Joseph Cook & Son 1890..1936
(registered Jan 1889)
Book mark, button hook, hat pin, napkin ring, spoon, vesta Livery Street, Birmingham
J C Clark 1881
(registered Jun 1878)
John Charles Grinsell 1907..1908
(registered Sep 1906)
Claret jug, bottle rim
Singleton & Cole Ltd 1900 Cigarette holder, pipe mount, vesta Pipe mounters & dealers, Camson Street, Birmingham; also Walsall, Wolverhampton, Liverpool & Shrewsbury
J C (Midland) Jewellers 1984
(registered Sep 1979)
Ring Vyse Street, Birmingham
J C Plimpton & Co 1904 Jar lid, vase rim American import/export merchants, Old Hall Street, Liverpool & Curtain Road, London
John Collard Vickery 1913..1933 Mustard, table lighter, trophy cup Regent Street, London

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Joseph Daffern & Co 1908..1931 Fob medal Hatton Garden, London
Johnson, Durban & Co Ltd 1897..1900
(registered Feb 1897)
Buckle, spoon, vase rim Aston Road & Hubert Street, Birmingham
James Dixon & Sons Ltd 1931..1939 Caster lid, cigarette case, jar lid, napkin ring Cornish Place, Sheffield
James Dewsnap Ltd (probably) 1905 Thimble Fancy leather goods manufacturers, St Thomas Street, Sheffield & Ely Place, Holborn, London EC
John D McAllister 1939 Cigarette case Glasgow
J D Stone 1908 Pickle tongs A similar mark with stop after each letter (J.D.S.) registered May 1905
James Deakin & Sons (John & William F Deakin) 1899..1929 Box, cigarette case, dressing set, mirror, vanity set Sidney Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield
James Deakin & Sons 1932..1934

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J E A 1973 Pendant
J E Bushell 1895..1926
(registered Dec 1891)
Condiments, fork, knife rest, napkin ring, salt, spoon, tea strainer, toast rack Caroline Street, Birmingham
(registered Jun 1932)
J E F 1918 Fob medal

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Fenton

James Fenton & Co

(registered Apr 1852, Sep 1878)
Badge, bowl, fob medal, fruit knife, goblet, napkin ring, salt, spoon, thimble, trophy cup, vinaigrette Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
(registered Sep 1860)

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
(registered Jul 1882)
Jacob Fenigstein 1906..1913 Kiddush cup
J F & S 1927..1928 Fob medal
J F R 1996..2001 Spoon

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J G 1847 Fish servers Perhaps John Gammage, but not shown in Birmingham Assay Office's Early Silver Hallmarks
John Gammage

Lawson, Ward & Gammage Ltd

1849..1863 Decanter label, flatware, fob medal Clerkenwell Road, London EC

Became Lawson, Ward & Gammage c1903

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
J G 1853 Knife handle
John Gilbert

John Gilbert & Co

(registered Oct 1876)
Flatware, knife blade Initial registration of this mark may have been earlier than the 1876 date quoted.

An identical mark registered Feb 1856 by James George, jeweller, Summer Hill Terrace, Birmingham.

John Gough 1872..1879
(registered Aug 1870)
Decanter label, mug, table centrepiece

(image courtesy of Andy from Sydney)
Joseph Gloster 1890, 1905
(registered Jul 1888)
Box, brush, card case, caster, cigarette case, condiments, flatware, mug, napkin ring, purse, salver, sovereign case, tazza, tea & coffee service, toast rack, trophy cup, vase, vesta Lion Silver Works, Hockley Hill, Birmingham
(registered Jul 1890)
Joseph Gloster Ltd 1900..1908
(registered Jun 1901)

Note: variations in (e.g.) spacing & underlining observed for this mark
(registered May 1909)
James Griffiths 1901..1905, 1933 Brooch, button, scent bottle Spencer Street, Birmingham
J Gillmore 1904..1925 Bowl, condiments set, cup, Glastonbury souvenir spoon High Street, Glastonbury, Wiltshire

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
J G 1911 Fob medal
G H Johnstone & Co (1916)
James Geraghty 1957..1964
(registered May 1948)
J G & Co Ltd 1972 Dish
John Grinsell & Sons 1882..1919 Ash tray, butter dish, claret jug, condiments, flatware, inkwell, match striker, plate, scent bottle, teapot rim, vase Victoria Works, St George's, Birmingham

N.B. A near-identical mark to the first one shown here registered at the London Assay Office Sep 1913 by John Goode & Sons of Birmingham

(registered Sep 1905)
J Gilbert & Son 1895..1903
(registered Oct 1894)
Fork, spoon
J G & Sons 1881 Spoon
Joseph Gloster Ltd (1908..1978)

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)
James George Newbold 1902 Pipe mount Pipe mount manufacturer, St John Street, Clerkenwell, London
Joseph Gray Styles 1895..1896 Spoon, souvenir cross Branston Street, Birmingham, subsequently Albion Street, Birmingham

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