Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (J)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Heales (probably) 1822 Watch case Case maker, Coventry
James Heales 1823..1830
(registered May 1822)
Joseph Harris 1840..1841
(registered Feb 1842)
Watch case Case maker, The Butts, Coventry
(registered Feb 1842)
J H 1883 Earring
J H 1888 Salt, vesta
Joseph Hawkins (probably) 1889..1902 Card case, mustard, napkin ring, pepperette, salt, sauce boat, sovereign case, vesta
Henry Howell & Co Ltd (Jonathan Howell) 1895 Conductor's baton, parasol handle, stick mount Cane & stick manufacturers, Old Street, London EC
J Howell & Co Ltd 1910..1925
(registered Jan 1909)
Jabez Hodgetts 1896
(registered Apr 1895)
J Harrison 1894..1897
(registered Jan 1893)
John Hines 1898..1907
(registered Jan 1898)
Salt, tea service, vesta
John Hunt (possibly) 1913 Gold sovereign case Jeweller & Silversmith, Fishergate, Preston, Lancashire

(An identical mark registered by Hunt at the London Assay Office 1906 and 1913, but there is no published evidence of a Birmingham registration)

J H 1977, 1997 Cufflinks , ingot pendant
John Hardman & Co 1860..1867
(registered Sep 1845)
Bowl, box, paten, tongs Medieval metalworkers
(registered Sep 1875)
J Hudson & Co 1900..1910
(registered Aug 1899)
Bosun's whistle, whistle Specialist whistle maker
J Hill & Co 1911..1936
(registered Jul 1911)
Caster lid, napkin ring, spoon
Joseph Haywood & Co 1957
(registered Aug 1902)
Souvenir spoon
Joshua Horton & Son 1922..1932, 1957..1974 Box, bracelet, cigarette case, fob medal, napkin ring Hatton Garden, London
Joseph Hayward & Son 1949 Napkin ring Frederick Street, Birmingham
J Harris & Son 1965..1975
(registered May 1957)
Tea strainer
J H B 1909..1928 Lincoln Imp souvenir flatware
J H C 1949..1950 Box, cigarette case
J H Hillcox 1899..1907
(registered Oct 1891)
Vesta New John Street West, Birmingham
J H Hillcox (probably) 1900 Cigarette case An identical mark registered May 1887 by J H Hunt ("electroplate manufacturer")
John H Lunn 1956..1961 Ash tray, baby's food pusher, box, candlestick, chafing dish, cigarette case, napkin ring, salver, table lighter Belfast
St James House Company (1979..1983)
Joseph Hayes Taylor 1879..1881 Vesta Spencer Street, Birmingham
J H W 1894 Fob medal Possibly J H Williams
J H W 1899..1904 Perfume bottle, vanity jar top
John Henry Wynn

J H Wynn Ltd (from 1938)

1899..1947 Cigarette case, clock, compact, napkin ring, vesta Hylton Street, Birmingham; subsequently Soho Hill, Birmingham
John Henry Wynn (probably) 1922..1924 Cigarette case

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
J H W 1996 Gold charm bracelet
J H Worrall, Son & Co Ltd 1906..1910 Brush, perfume bottle, vanity jar top


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J I Co 1996 Butter knife


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J J 1907..1914 Fob medal An apparently identical mark registered at Chester Assay Office, Apr 1920, by Joseph Jacobson, wholesale jeweller, Buchanan Street, Glasgow
T T (1919)
James J Kirk 1894 Pipe mount Tobacconist & cigar bonder, Upper Camden Street & Harcourt Road, Dublin
J J R 1973..1995 Bowl, caster A very similar mark seen on Sheffield silver (1979)
J J W 1977..1978 Souvenir spoon (EU flags)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J K 1874 Watch case A similar mark but with pellet between letters registered May 1852 by Jeremiah Kirk, watch case maker, The Butts, Coventry


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J L 1809 Caddy spoon N.B. This mark is not shown on the Birmingham Assay Office makers marks web site, but may be John Lawrence
John Lawrence & Co 1816..1817
(registered Apr 1813)
Box, caddy spoon, vinaigrette Frederick Street, Birmingham
John Lilly 1832..1834
(registered Oct 1833)
Decanter label, vinaigrette Paradise Street, Birmingham

A JL mark of this form seen with an 1830 hallmark - may be Lilly, or John Lawrence & Co

John Linegar 1867..1883
(registered Jan 1865)
Card case, flask, napkin ring, vinaigrette
Joseph Lyddiatt 1904..1910 Fob medal, vesta Monument Road, Birmingham; subsequently Hockley Hill, Birmingham

(image courtesy of John Child)
J L 1922..1933 Cigarette case, spoon & tongs, vesta

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
J L & Co 1884 Fob medal
J L B 1978 Napkin ring
Lezard & Son (Joseph & Edward Lezard) 1883 Watch case Watch importers & general merchants, Holborn Viaduct, London EC
John Loggart Kennedy (probably) 1870 Masonic jewel Masonic jeweller, Loveday Street, Birmingham

A similar mark with pellets rather than stops also seen on a masonic jewel with an 1870 hallmark


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J M 1899..1902 Box, card case, dish, tray
Joseph Moore 1894..1904
(registered Jul 1893)
Watch case Case maker, Spon End, Coventry

(image courtesy of
J M 1902..1904 Crucifix pendant, fob medal
Joseph Moore 1905..1932 Fob medal, medal, souvenir spoon J E Moore & Frank Moore trading as Joseph Moore, die sinkers & medallists, Petsford Street, Birmingham
J M 1927 Cigarette case
J M 1928 Napkin ring
J M 1931 (Gold) fob medal
J M 1989, 2000 Decanter label, dish An identical mark registered by John Mackay at Edinburgh Assay Office May 1987
J M-A 1971..1975 Candlestick, decanter label, goblet, mug, napkin ring, vase
John Millward Banks 1892..1902
(registered Mar 1902)
Chatelaine, cigarette case, matchbox holder, menu holder, napkin ring, pipe tamper, salt, souvenir spoon, sovereign case, tea service, vesta Northampton Street, Birmingham & London

Established 1863, died 1911, business continued by his son until c1926

Bickerton Jewellery (John Michael Bickerton) 1977..1981 Ingot pendant, thimble Vyse Street, Birmingham

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(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
J M C 1926 Fob medal
J McMenamin Ltd (probably) 1919..1938 Fob medal, spoon Wholesale jewellers, St Enoch Square, Glasgow

A similar mark, but without the stops, registered at Glasgow Assay Office by J McMenamin Ltd. A fob medal seen with this mark overstamping another has a Scottish theme.

(image courtesy of
J M K 1978..1995 Clock, spoon
J M N 1961 Jug
Salloways Ltd (probably) 1971 Goblet Jewellers, Bore Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire

Goblet is a commemorative item from a limited edition for Lichfield Cathedral commissioned by Salloways Jewellers of Lichfield

J M S 1997 Ring box lid
J M W 1972 Spoon