Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (R)



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(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Rose & Brough 1899
(registered Mar 1894)
Vesta Hockley Street, Birmingham
Roberts & Belk 1935..1957 Spoons, including multi-hallmark sets for jubilee (1935) & coronation (1952) Furnival Works, Sheffield
Robbe & Berking 1991 Imported knife Flensburg, Germany
R & Co 1887 Cheroot case
Revell & Co 1893
(registered Apr 1889)
Bracelet Albert Charles Revell trading as Revell & Co, jewellers, Vyse Street, Birmingham
Robinson & Co 1900..1925 Clock, frame, mustard, sauce boat, Shrewsbury souvenir spoon, tea service, watch holder The Square, Shrewsbury
Rattray & Co 1913..1939, 1950 Condiments, creamer, fob medal, quaich, sauce boat, toast rack Dundee, Scotland
R & Co 1931 Spoon
Roberts & Dore 1916..1992 Candlestick, cigarette case, cruet, fob medal, matchbox holder, mug, mustard, napkin ring, sauce boat, spoon set, tea & coffee service, toast rack Hatton Garden, London
R & E 1926..1935 Fob medal, souvenir spoon
Robinson & McKewan (William Robinson & Arthur George McKewan) 1880..1892 Brooch, locket, perfume bottle Hockley Street, Birmingham
Robbins & Macready 1905
(registered Oct 1905)
Read & Morris 1918..1920
(registered May 1918)
Cigarette case, vesta
Ramsden & Roed Ltd 1987 Cigar cutter Manufacturing goldsmiths, Warwick Street, London W1

N.B. The image shows the company's London mark. Birmingham marks have a larger ampersand (&).

R & R 2000..2006 Fork, spoon
Rotherham & Son (probably) 1843..1847 Watch case Richard Kevitt Rotherham & John Rotherham trading as Rotherham & Son, watch makers, Spon Street, Coventry

A cameo mark registered by Rotherham & Son Apr 1841, but no record of an incuse mark.

Radburn & Son (William Radburn & George Radburn) 1864
(registered Jan 1854)
Fish server Spon Street, Coventry
Reid & Sons 1924..1938 Cigarette case, condiments set, dish, mustard, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, tray, trophy cup Blackett Street & Granger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Reid & Sons Ltd 1939..1941

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Rotherham & Sons Ltd (probably) 1922..1931 Bowl, compact, watch case Watch case stamped "Rotherhams English Case"

Watch manufacturers, Spon Street, Coventry & Holborn Circus, London

Rosenzweig & Taitelbaum (Jacob Rosenzweig & Aaron Taitelbaum) 1909..1910 Kiddush cup
R & T W 1907 Pyx box
Reynolds & Westwood 1896 Aide memoire, bowl, box, buckle, cigarette case, frame, hair comb, napkin ring, pepperette, vase, vesta Samuel John Reynolds & George Frederick Westwood trading as Reynolds & Westwood, silversmiths, Vyse Street, Birmingham

Rigby & Wilson 1966..1974 Bangle Manufacturing jewellers, Soho Hill, Birmingham; subsequently (from c1960) Key Hill Drive, Birmingham
R & W Sorley 1911..1912 Medal St Vincent Street & Renfield Street, Glasgow


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R A Hughes Ltd 1958
(registered May 1956)
R A Jones & Sons Ltd 1931..1939 Fob medal, trophy cup High Street, Southend on Sea, Essex


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English Watch Company 1878
(registered Jan 1876)
Watch case Robert Bragge trading as the English Watch Co, Villa Street, Hockley, Birmingham & Heathfield Road, Birmingham

Mark with pellet between seen 1879:

Also seen (1877-1884) with the monogram trade mark of the English Watch Company:

(registered Jun 1880)
(registered Jan 1876)
Harrods Stores Ltd (Richard Burbridge) 1912..1916 Box, jar top, salt, sauce boat Sir Richard Burbridge was Managing Director of Harrods (cf RWB mark)
R B 1925..1949 Box, fob medal, souvenir spoon
R B 1972 Candlestick
Ridley Brothers & Merton 1904..1906
(registered Sep 1904)
Box, brush, salt, watch holder Vittoria Street & Frederick Street, Birmingham
(registered Feb 1906)
Rosaline Betsy Benger 1956 Spoon
Reign Beau Ltd 1992..2005 Caddy spoon, condiments set, decanter label, pincushion Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
Randle Brothers 1934..1946
(registered Aug 1932)
Cigarette case, compact
Rolason Brothers 1887..1893 Bookmark, buckle, card case, cigarette case, cigarette holder case, fob medal, frame, napkin clip, napkin ring, sovereign case, spoon, vesta Manufacturing jewellers & silversmiths, Vyse Street, Birmingham
Rolason Brothers (probably) 1916 Napkin ring Note inverted "s"


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Robert Causer (registered Oct 1854) Casemaker, Jordan Wells, Coventry
Robert Chandler 1902..1924 Box, card case, cigarette case, mug, napkin ring, sovereign case, spoon, toast rack, vesta Note: an identical mark registered at Chester, Aug 1907 by Robert Cawley, watchmaker & jeweller, The High Cross, Chester
R C 1957 Bangle
Carr's of Sheffield Ltd 1998 Napkin ring Holbrook Avenue, Sheffield

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R C M 1889 Fob medal
Robert Catterson-Smith 1911
(registered Nov 1907)


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R Davis & Co 1944..1945
(registered Jul 1944)
R D & S 1904 Box, spoon

(image courtesy of
Rupert Donald East 1972 Goblet
R D M 2007..2009 Buckle


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R E 1891 Coffee pot
R E & Co 1928..1933 Goblet, trophy cup
Robinson, Edkins & Aston 1833..1846
(registered Jan 1834)
Basket, bowl, candelabrum, chamberstick, decanter label, dish, lamp base, mustard, salt, salver, toast rack, tray
R E Porter 1959..1990 Box, condiments set, decanter label, dish, thimble Jewellers, Post Office Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire

(image courtesy of
R E V G 1958..1965 Souvenir spoon
R E W C 1977 Key-shaped pendant


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R G A 1974 Goblet
R G Laurie 1901 Presentation dagger Retailer Glasgow & Edinburgh
R G H 1930..1940 Condiments set, dish, salt, spoon, tea service
R G H & Co 1938 Condiments set


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R Hilliard 1870
(registered Feb 1873)
Caddy spoon, decanter label, frame, inkwell
Ray Hall 1984..2005 Box, caddy spoon, decanter label, frame, inkwell
Ray Harvey Foster 1976..1999 Box, paper knife, tankard
R H Jones & Sons 1927..1930 Cigarette case Vyse Street, Birmingham
R Hovenden & Sons Ltd 1902..1905 Cheroot holder, match striker City Road, Finsbury, London

(image courtesy of Dave Koncher)
R H Thornton 1910..1919
(registered Apr 1909)
Cigarette case, frame, vesta


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Royal Irish Silver Co 1969..1970 Box, spoon


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R Jordan 1911
(registered May 1902)
Match striker, vesta Southwark Park Road, London
R J Crafts 1977..1979
(registered May 1978)
Bangle Northampton
Jay, Richard Attenborough Co Ltd (1959)
Redfern Jewellery Co 1973
(registered Jan 1972)
Bracelet Walsall
Robert James Dick 1883..1885 Bracelet, locket Jeweller, Hylton Street, Birmingham
Richard John Green 1908
(registered Aug 1869)
Candlestick Frederick Street, Birmingham
Robert John Pike (registered Nov 1889) Watch case manufacturer, Cromwell Street, Coventry
(registered May 1892)
(registered May 1892)
Robert James Turner 1969..1970 (registered Apr 1970) Candlestick, mug, pepperette Jewellers and manufacturing agents, Greville St, Hatton Garden, London
Richard John Wakefield (probably) 1886..1887 Brooch Tenby Street North, Birmingham
1894, 1913..1920


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Richard Kevitt Rotheram (registered Nov 1854) Case maker, Spon Street, Coventry


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R L 1958 Caddy spoon
R L 1976 Jar lid
R L 2008 Money clip
R L & Co 1897 Sovereign case
R L & S 1911 Pipe mount
R L G 1976 Goblet
Russells Ltd (registered Jul 1907) Watch makers, Church Street, Liverpool

(image courtesy of
Rudder, Ledsam & Vale 1808 Hair comb Silversmiths, Edmund Street, Birmingham

A mark with R L V in separate rectangular punches registered Jun 1808


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Robert Mitchell 1820..1824
(registered May 1821)
Box, cheese scoop, knife blade, vinaigrette
(registered May 1821)
R McD & Co 1925 Fob medal
Rodenic Manufacturing Co 1928..1947
(registered Apr 1926)
Bowl, napkin ring, spoon & tongs set Warstone Lane, Birmingham; later Vyse Street, Birmingham
Martin, Hall & Co (Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall) 1902..1912 Box, menu holder, tea caddy


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R N 1854..1857 Watch case A similar mark registered May 1827 by Richard Neale, case maker, Coventry
R N 1921..1949 Cigarette case, compact, napkin ring, vesta

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
Ray Nimmo 2015
(registered Jun 2013)
Pincushion, thimble
R N Hollings & Co 1941..1947
(registered Feb 1942)
Cigarette case, compact, mug, napkin ring, spoon


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Rudolph Louis Platnauer 1884..1886
(registered Mar 1885)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, St Paul's Square, Birmingham
Robert Pringle & Sons 1895..1932 Box, card case, caster, cigarette case, flatware, fob medal, frame, jug, napkin ring, ring tree, salt, scissors, sovereign case, toast rack, vanity jar top, vesta Clerkenwell Road, London EC1
R P 1977..1978, 2000 Ingot pendant
R P 1996 Letter opener
R P H Jewellery Co Ltd 1962..1974 Bangle Tenby Street, Birmingham
Ronson Products Ltd c1965 Ronson lighter


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R R 1904..1909, 1935 Buckle, creamer, decanter label, flatware, napkin ring, salver, sugar bowl, tea strainer
1898..1931 There is a similar London mark for the same period. The Sheffield mark of Richard Richardson is also similar.


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Ralph Samuel (registered Jun 1850) Case maker, Wood Street, Liverpool
Richard Slack 1851
(registered Dec 1826)
R S 1851 Watch case A similar cameo mark registered Aug 1851 by Richard Swann, case maker, Hospital Street, Birmingham:
Robert Stewart 1909..1933 Candlestick, tea service Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
R Smith 1917..1918
(registered Jan 1918)
Napkin ring
Spencer & Co 1895..1938 Cigarette case, medal, spoon Masonic manufacturers, Great Queen St, London WC

RS are the initials of the original proprietor of the company, Richard Spencer

R S 1989..1998 Dish, flask, salver
Regent Silversmiths 2010..2013 Bookmark, letter opener, menu holder Perry Bar, Birmingham
Rothman's Ltd 1932..1936
(registered 1933)
Cigarette case Cigarette manufacturers
Raeno Silver Plate Co Ltd 1918..1939
(registered Feb 1913)
Flatware, knife handle, teapot Electroplate manufacturers, Camden Street, Birmingham


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Robert Thornton 1866..1877
(registered Jul 1866)
Box, card case, vesta, vinaigrette
Rosenzweig, Taitelbaum & Co (probably) 1911..1912 Kiddush cup


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R U & Co 1901 Pepperette
R U & Co 1905..1914 Box, frame, manicure set, shoe horn
R U & Co Ltd 1919..1924 Jar top, manicure set


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Raoul Vigier 1883
(registered Apr 1883)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Clerkenwell Road, London EC
R V P 1938 Match box holder


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Robert Welch 1966..1974 Mug, pepperette Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

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R W 1974 Locket
Harrods Ltd (Richard Woodman Burbridge) 1919..1966 Caster, cigarette case, clock case, coaster, condiments, tazza, tea strainer Burbridge was chairman of Harrods (cf RB mark)
R W B 1966 Tray

(image courtesy of Winsor House Antiques)
R W Hewett & Co (Reginald Walter Hewett) 1884 Bangle, butter knife & preserve spoon, napkin ring Vyse Street, Birmingham
Jay's (Robert William Jay) 1911 Box, dish, spoon, trophy cup King's Road, Brighton, Sussex, Essex Road & Charlotte Street, London
1913 (or 1938)
R W Page 1946
(registered Jan 1945)
Cigarette case
Loebl & Co (probably) 1912..1913 Box, brush, jar lid Robert Wadman Stilby trading as Loebl & Co, leather goods manufacturers, Old Street, London EC
R W Wingate Ltd 1975..1978 Ingot pendant, locket Manufacturing jeweller, Hockley Centre, Birmingham


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Ronex 1960..1979 Bangle, ingot pendant Manufacturing jewellers, Spencer Street, Birmingham