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Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (T)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Hayes 1891..1898
(registered Nov 1890)
Basket, caddy spoon, card case, cigar & cigarette cases, condiments, dish, flatware, napkin ring, oil can, sauce boat, tea caddy, tea service, toast rack Spencer Street, Birmingham
(registered Jun 1893)
(registered Dec 1897)
(registered Dec 1897)
T Hayes & Co 1908
(registered Aug 1908)
T Heatley 1904..1920
(registered Dec 1899)
Cufflinks, purse, vesta
T H 1926 Spoon
T H 1968 Locket
T Hill 1969..1976
(registered Aug 1967)
Creamer, goblet, matchbox case, mug
T Hayes & Co (1908)
T Harwood & Son 1865..1892
(registered Oct 1864)
Candlestick, decanter label, flatware, mustard, salt
T H B 1913 Napkin ring
T H E 1925..1935 Condiments set, fob medal, trophy cup
Goldsmiths Company 1914..1915 Butter shell, cigarette case, pepperette, salt Blackett Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
T H Hazlewood & Co 1896..1904
(registered Oct 1892)
Bowl, box, brush, button, card case, caster, cigarette case, creamer, frame, mug, napkin ring, pipe rack, purse, tea caddy, vanity jar top, vesta Barr Street, Birmingham
(registered May 1899)
(registered May 1907)
(registered Jan 1888)
(registered May 1912)
T H Ltd 1959 Bracelet
Thomas Henry Vale

Thomas H Vale Ltd (from 1914)

(registered Jul 1899)
Button hook, cigar cutter, menu clip, napkin clip, needle case, pencil Frederick Street, Birmingham
(registered Oct 1906)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
T J 1911..1932 Mustard, spoon, tea strainer, watch holder A similar mark, but with pellet rather than stop registered Aug 1907 by Thomas Jones
Thomas Mercer & Sons (registered Jun 1886) Thomas James Mercer trading as T Mercer & Sons, watch manufacturers & jewellers, Hertford Place, Coventry
Thomas James Skelton 1903..1915 Fob medal, vesta Vyse Street, Birmingham
Thomas Webb 1890
(registered May 1887)
Watch case Craven Street, Chapel Fields, Coventry

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Tozer, Kernsley & Fisher 1907..1911 Inkwell, thimble Fenchurch Street, London
Toye, Kenning & Spencer (registered Jul 1961) Fob medal, goblet, plate, salt, spoon, vase Makers of regalia, medals, etc., Great Queen Street, London WC2
(registered Sep 1973)
T K C 1996..2000 Blotter mounts, frame

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Lawrence 1834
(registered Jul 1834)
T L 1903..1920 Fob medal, vesta
Thomas Latham & Ernest Morton 1881..1908
(registered Sep 1866)
Bowl, claret jug, dish, flatware, inkwell, salt Vyse Street, Birmingham
Thomas Lawson & Son 1907 (Brighton) souvenir spoon Watchmakers, jewellers & silversmiths, Old Steine, Brighton & Kings Road, Brighton
Thomas Lynton Mott (subsequently T L Mott Ltd) 1918..1932 Fob medal, frame, matchbook holder, spoon Vyse Street, Birmingham
T Ltd 1988 Decanter label

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Mynd 1797 Caddy spoon Working 1773-1801
Thomas Millington 1824..1834
(registered Jun 1821)
Caddy spoon, cheese scoop, spectacles
Thomas Marples 1883..1896 Fruit knife Arundel Street, Sheffield
Thomas Mills 1894
(registered Feb 1887)
Watch case Case maker, Cromwell Street, Chapel Fields, Coventry; subsequently Mount Street, Coventry
Thomas Marsh & Co 1892
(registered Feb 1882)
T M 1965 Spoon An identical mark registered at Chester Assay Office Aug 1955 by Thomas MacInerney
Thomas Millward & Co 1884
(registered Jun 1861)
Cigar case Military ornament makers
T M & Co 1919 Cigarette case, vesta
T M & Co 1930, 1962..1964 Spoon
T M Taylor & Son 1909..1919 Fob medal, souvenir spoon Watchmakers, jewellers & opticians, High Street, Cowes, Isle of Wight

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Newbold 1821..1826
(registered Apr 1820)
Box, fruit knife & fork, spectacle frame, vinaigrette
T Nightingale & Son 1920 Smoker's tool Thomas & Frank Nightingale trading as T Nightingale & Son, jewellers & ring makers, Tenby Street, Birmingham
T N P 1966 Decanter label

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