Silver Makers' Marks - Birmingham Assay Office (W)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Walter Low 1884
(registered Dec 1882)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Bury Street, London

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
William Light (probably) 1895..1912 Brooch, cuff links, fob medal, napkin ring, stamp case, vesta Augusta Street, Birmingham
Walter Lunt 1891..1907 Thimble Handsworth, Birmingham
William Luckett 1904..1905
(registered May 1904)
Sovereign case Vyse Street, Birmingham
William Lewis 1906..1911 Cigarette case, vesta Rosebury Avenue, London & Northampton Street, Birmingham

(image courtesy of Dave Koncher)
William Locke & Co 1900 Dish James G Parkes & Henry Loveridge trading as William Locke & Co, Hockley Hill, Birmingham
William Lister & Sons 1932 Mug Northumberland Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Willmotts Ltd 1905..1918 Chatelaine clip
W Ltd 1966 Candlestick
W Coulthard Ltd (1912..1926)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Maguires (probably) 1903..1904
(registered Oct 1887)
Novelty cigarette case "Pencil case maker"
William Manton 1903, 1930
(registered Nov 1895)
Spoon, stamp case Vyse Street, Birmingham

(N.B. Mark has a stop between letters)
W Middleton 1905
(registered Feb 1902)
Fob medal Badge maker
W M 1928 Fob medal
William H Manton

(also known as Birmingham Gold & Silversmiths Ltd)

(registered Mar 1974)
Box, buckle, candlestick, cigar cutter, coin case, paper knife, pen, tastevin Pittsford Street, Birmingham
(registered Mar 1974)

(image courtesy of
Wilmot Manufacturing Co 1912..1928
(registered Jun 1912)
Baby's rattle, card case, cigarette case, condiments, flatware, goblet, ink well, napkin ring, tea service, trophy Camden Street, Birmingham
(registered Jul 1930)
W M Ltd 1947..1978 Box, cigar cutter, cigarette holder, coin holder, pencil Possibly William Manton Ltd, Tenby Street, Birmingham
William Pearsall 1917..1918 Box, cigarette case Silversmith & jeweller, New Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Naul (registered May 1843 & 1858) Case maker, Albion Street, Coventry
William Neale

William Neale & Son (from 1890)

William Neale & Son Ltd (from 1909)

(registered Apr 1862)
Box, cigar & cigarette cases, clock, condiments, dressing set, flask, goblet, match book holder, mug, napkin ring, pencil, purse, quaich, salver, sauce boat, sovereign case, spoon, tea service, trophy, vesta Warstone Lane, Birmingham; subsequently Cox Street, St Paul's, Birmingham

(image courtesy of Dave Koncher)
(registered Nov 1911)
(registered Oct 1919)
(registered Oct 1946)
William Neal (registered May 1904) Case maker, Allesley Old Road, Coventry
William Norris & Sons 1897..1898
(registered Feb 1898)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Oliver 1892..1908 Buckle, butter shell, cigar case, fob medal, napkin ring, vesta Tenby Street, Birmingham
William Osborn

W Osborn Ltd

(registered Aug 1888)
Box, brush Northampton Street, Birmingham
William Oakley Davies 1900 Locket Warstone Parade, Birmingham
W O Lewis 1916..1937
(registered Feb 1898)
Brooch, button, spoon
W O L 1953, 1970 Cuff links, fob medal, souvenir spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Pugh 1804..1816
(registered Jun 1801)
Box, caddy spoon, ladle, vinaigrette
W P 1902..1915 Souvenir spoon Possibly W Pearsall
William Pearsall (1918)
William Philip Whiteman 1918
(registered Jan 1908)
Fob medal Vyse Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Ryley 1801..1808
(registered Mar 1793)
Watch case Case maker, St John's Street, Coventry
W R 1858 Fork Attributed to William Ryland (registered Jan 1838), but his mark does not have a stop between W & R
W R 1890 Fob medal
W R & Co 1904 Spoon Possibly Wingfield, Rowbotham & Co of Sheffield
W R & Co 1906..1914 Button hook, flatware Possibly Wingfield, Rowbotham & Co of Sheffield
W R & Co 1946..1960 Souvenir spoon
Walker & Hall (1895..1912)
William & Son (William Asprey) 2007 Frame Mount Street, London W1
William Russell 1895 Watch case Wholesale jewellers & watch manufacturers, Argyle Street, Glasgow
Warwickshire Reproduction Silver 1970..1979
(registered Jun 1969)
Caddy spoon, claret jug, coaster, cup, goblet, skewer
W Reed Williams Ltd 1910..1925 Imported box, napkin ring Hatton Garden, London