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Silver Makers' Marks - Chester Assay Office (J)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Jones & Crompton 1899..1920
(registered May 1899)
Butter knife, cigarette case, epergne, napkin ring, vesta Spencer Street, Birmingham; subsequently Harford Street, Birmingham

Proprietors: Edward Samuel Jones & Hubert Crompton

Jones's business was joined by Crompton in 1899

Joseph & John Hargeaves 1863..1870
(registered Feb 1864)
Watch case Watch manufacturers, Slater Street, Liverpool
J & R Griffin (Joseph & Richard Griffin)

J & R Griffin Ltd (after 1913)

(registered Jul 1895)
Brooch, button, candlestick, fob medal, frame, dressing & vanity sets, mustard, napkin ring, salt, spoon, sucrier, tray, trophy cup, vesta Manufacturing jewellers & silversmiths, Hylton Street, Birmingham; subsequently Link Works, Soho Hill, Birmingham

Went into voluntary liquidation in 1926.

(registered Apr 1913)
(registered c1913)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Adams (registered Aug 1881) Barr Street, Birmingham

Also a similar mark with stop between letters

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
Joseph Adelman (registered Nov 1901) Lancaster Avenue & Withy Grove, Manchester

(image courtesy of Graham Evans)
(registered Jan 1904)
J Adkins & Sons 1896..1900
(registered Jan 1896)
Watch case Edward Joseph Adkins trading as J Adkins & Sons, watch manufacturers, Fleet Street, Coventry
J Aitkin & Son (registered Jul 1902) Spencer Street, Birmingham
John Arthur Leece 1943 Urn Blair Street, Liverpool
J A Wylie & Co (probably) 1908 Souvenir spoon Mark not shown in Chester records

Silversmiths & electroplaters, Holborn Viaduct, London EC

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Jacques Brown & Co 1915
(registered Jan 1915)
Imported bag "General exporters & importers", Liverpool
John Bull & Co Ltd (registered May 1925) High Street, Bedford
Joseph B Brown 1891 Pipe mount Importer of tobacconists' goods & fancy goods dealer, Brook Street, Hull
J B Bennett & Co (registered May 1907) Charterhouse Street & Hatton Garden, London
J B Chatterley & Sons Ltd (registered Jul 1928) Newtown Road, Birmingham
Jackson Brothers 1881
(registered Aug 1880)
Bangle Manufacturing jewellers, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Clarke or John Coakley 1827..1833 Spoon, tongs Both Clarke and Coakley were Liverpool silversmiths.

A similar mark registered by Coakley at London Assay Office, Sep 1832.

John Culver (registered Sep 1882) Clerkenwell, London
G H Johnstone & Co
Joseph Cutler 1932..1937
(registered Nov 1931)
Fob medal Howard Street, Glasgow
J Collyer & Co Ltd (registered Aug 1904) Hockley Hill, Birmingham
Joseph Cook & Son 1915
(registered c1888)
Brooch Carver Street, Birmingham
J C Plimpton & Co 1902
(registered Jun 1902)
Imported items: jar lid, letter opener, pepperette American import/export merchants, Old Hall Street, Liverpool & Curtain Road, London
(registered Oct 1903)
John Collard Vickery 1909..1912
(registered Oct 1904)
Toast rack, wine funnel Regent Street, London

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Joseph Davis 1896..1899
(registered Apr 1897)
Masonic medal Medallist, Woodbridge Street, Clerkenwell, London
Joseph Daffern & Co (registered May 1909) Hatton Garden, London
James Dixon & Sons Ltd (registered Nov 1935) Cornish Place, Sheffield
James Deakin & Sons
James Dewsnap Ltd (registered Mar 1897) St Thomas Street, Sheffield & Ely Place, Holborn, London
James Deakin & Sons (John & William F Deakin) 1883..1921
(registered c1888)
Button hook, caster, egg timer, frame, glove stretcher, hatpin stand, manicure set, mustard, napkin ring, pincushion, salt, sauce boat, tea caddy, vanity jar top, vesta Sidney Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield
(registered c1888)
James Deakin & Sons (registered Nov 1932)

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