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Silver Makers' Marks - Dublin Assay Office (A to E)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Asprey & Co Ltd 1972 Vase

(image courtesy of www.acsilver.co.uk)
Alwright & Marshall Ltd 1933..1966 Caddy spoon, cup, decanter label, fob medal, letter opener, trophy, trophy cup Fade Street, Dublin
Ambrose Boxwell 1770..1782 Candlestick, sauce boat
Ann Cummins 1848..1849
(registered 1848)
Aeneas Ryan c1800
(registered 1784)
Box Skinner Row, Dublin
Andrew Goodwin 1752
Arthur Johnson 1847 Presentation trowel
Anthony Lefebure 1730 Spoon
Arthur Murphy 1804..1808 Spoon
Alwright & Marshall Ltd (1934..1965)
Alwright & Marshall Ltd (1981..1990)
Alexander Richards 1751..1765 Spoon
Aeneas Ryan (c1800)
John Asken 1843..1853 Spoon, teapot stand A retailer's mark
Abraham Tuppy 1777

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Bolton (1719..1728)
Brian Clarke (probably) 2000 Spoon
B M 1966..1970 Letter rack, paperweight, tea service
Bee, Moynihan & Co 1966 Spoon Jewellers & silversmiths, O'Connell Street, Limerick
Brown 1814..1817 Spoon, teapot A retailer's mark
Benjamin Taitt 1790 Decanter label, tongs
Benjamin Wilson 1754 Spoon

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Clark & West 1803 Teapot Retailers
Cainen 1821 Spoon A retailer's mark
Christopher Cummins 1831..1866 Flatware 42 Great Ship St, Dublin
Christopher Eades 1823..1845 Flatware
Celtic Frames Ltd 1995..2006 Bookmark, coaster, frame, spoon
Christopher Haines 1773..1787 Basket, coaster, flatware Capel Street, Dublin
C J O'C 1992 Letter opener
Charles Leslie 1746 Salver
Charles Lambe 1896..1918, 1933
(registered 1893)
Box, buckle, caster, sauce boat, spoon, tea service, vinaigrette
Cosmacs Ltd 1960 Spoon Ennis Road, Limerick

In business 1958-1964

Charles Marsh 1818..1831 Flatware, sauce boat, teapot
Cyril O'Mahony 1981..1997 Caddy spoon, dish
Connor 1812 Spoon A retailer's mark
Christopher Skinner 1739..1765 Spoon
Charles Stewart 1826..1827 Flatware
Charles Townsend 1773 Salver
Carden Terry & Jane Williams 1807..1820 Flatware, sucrier North Main Street, Cork

Father & daughter (Jane Williams was the widow of Carden Terry's partner)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Doyle & Aspil (registered May 1968) Decanter label South Circular Road, Dublin 8

Working 1966 to 1988.

(Thanks to an anonymous correspondent for the illustration and identification)

Daniel Egan 1802..1812
(registered 1800)
Candlestick, sauce tureen Cummins Court, Bride Street, Dublin
D E 1968..1977 Bracelet
Dennis Fray 1785..1786
(registered 1784)
Goblet, tray Coghills Court, Dame Street, Dublin
D J B 1978 Dish
David King c1700 Spoon
D Larkin 1817..1818 Spoon Reatiler's mark (seen with LN)
Michael D Hilliar (1974..2000)
D M C 1993..1997 Brooch, pendant
Daniel Popkins 1749..1759 Spoon
D over P T 1985 Bowl
Sharman D Neill (1904..1905)
D S M 1986 Napkin ring
David T Peter 1762 Spoon

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
J E (1825)
Elkington & Co Ltd 1913
(registered 1912)
Cup Newhall Street, Birmingham
Elizabeth Bainbridge 1806..1807 Spoon
Edward Crofton 1816..1825 Bowl, mug, teapot
Esther Forbes 1734..1735 Spoon
Edmond Johnson; Edmond Johnson Ltd 1870
(registered 1870)
Bowl, creamer, cup, dish, goblet, salt, spoon, trophy cup Grafton Street, Dublin

Johnson was Master of the Goldsmiths Company of Dublin 1883 - 1890

Edmond Johnson Ltd from 1902

(registered 1893)
E M 1968 Dish
Edward Power 1819..1834 Coaster, flatware, salts, teapot

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