Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (A)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Adam King 1683 Bowl
Abstinando King 1793..1823
(registered Feb 1791)
Caster, coaster, cruet, decanter label, fish server, jar top, salt, tea service, vinaigrette, wick trimmer
1799..1802 This mark not registered
Augustus Khler 1884..1892
(registered Nov 1882)
Hunting horn, knife Horn marked: "Kohler & Son, Westminster"
Aaron Katz 1895
(registered Jul 1890)
Candlestick, toy (model tricyle)
Adolph Philip Krieger 1911..1912
(registered Aug 1910)
Imported box


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Thomas Allen 1602
(registered Apr 1697)

(image courtesy of Joanie's House of Treasures)
Augustin Le Sage 1767..1776
(registered prior to Mar 1773)
Bowl, lidded dish N.B. 1767 lidded dish also had a plain AL mark:
Aaron Lestourgeon 1771..1781
(registered Jun 1771)
Bowl, teapot
(registered Jan 1776)
A L 1820 Spoon Mark not shown or listed by Grimwade
Alfred Lewis 1902..1903
(registered Oct 1902)
Imported items (bowl, box, caster, spoon) Silver importer, Fore Street, London
Ever Ready Co (Alfred Lobel) (registered Sep 1904) Ever Ready Works, Hercules Place, London NW
Aaron Lufkin Dennison (registered May 1876) Case maker, Handsworth, Birmingham
Asprey & Co Ltd (2004..2005)
William & Aaron Lestourgeon 1768..1770
(registered Nov 1767 & 1768)
Mug, wine funnel


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Angela Marson 1788
(registered Jul 1784)
Watch case Case maker, Butcher's Close, Upper Moorfields, London
Alexander Macrae 1864..1874
(registered Jan 1864)
Cup, flatware, goblet, salt Similar mark with pellet registered Sep 1856:
Alfred Marston (registered Jun 1909) Icknield Street, Birmingham
A M 1936 Jug
Aurum Ltd 1974..1977 Commemorative items: candelabrum, dish, spoon
A M 1977 Ingot pendant
A M 1985 Decanter label

A M & M Ltd 1918..1925 Box, chain bag, cigarette case
Abraham Meyer Blanckensee (registered Jul 1908) Summer Hill Terrace, Birmingham
A M Jacobs & Co 1881..1883
(registered Dec 1870)
Watch case Alfred Moss Jacobs trading as A M Jacobs & Co, watch manufacturers, Cross Street, Hatton Garden, London
1874, 1904
(registered Dec 1870)
A M J 1965 Candelabrum

(image courtesy of
Peacock, Mansfield & Britton (Arthur Mansfield & James Britton) 1887..1892
(registered Jun 1885)
Cigar case mount, purse mount Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London
A M N 1981..1988 Caddy spoon, pendant

(image courtesy of Andy from Sydney)
A M over W 1977..1988 Coaster, decanter label, frame, kiddush cup, toy tea service Also seen in a lasered form with a 2000 date


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Anthony Nelme (1691)
Francis Nelme (1732)
Ari D Norman 1983..2000 Bookmark, decanter label, frame, letter opener, napkin ring, perfume funnel Argenta Way, London NW10

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A Nicholls & Son 1946 Cigarette case
Arnold Neale Baily & Thomas House Bates 1914..1915
(registered Sep 1902)
Bottle holder, coaster
Anthony Nelme (1702)
Francis Nelme
Nathaniel Appleton & Ann Smith (1770..1778)
N S & A N (probably) (1766..1770)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alexander Osborne (probably) c1765 Tongs This mark is not shown by Grimwade or Jackson


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Abraham Portal 1755
(registered Oct 1749)
Abraham Peterson 1790..1811
(registered Feb 1790)
Dish, fish slice, goblet, mustard, salt, tankard, teapot
Ann Payne 1834..1836
(registered Dec 1834)
Flatware Also a mark in a cut-corner box registered Oct 1834:

(image courtesy of
Arthur Punt 1900
(registered Mar 1900)
Dish Dressing bag manufacturer, Victoria Street, London W1
A P 1936 Jar lid
A P 1966..1981 Coaster, decanter label
Alfred Pain 1996..2000 (registered 1989) Lectern, salt & spoon
Arthur Price & Co Ltd 1994..2001 Clock, decanter label, frame
A P B 1981 Ring
Asprey & Co Ltd (1987..1997)
A PLC 1998 Bookmark Possibly Asprey & Co Ltd
Vander & Hedges; subsequently Tessiers Ltd 1910..1939
(registered Apr 1910)
Beaker, bowl, flatware, ice bucket, jug, mustard, pepperette, tankard New Bond Street, London

Arthur Martin Parsons & Frank Herbert Parsons

Vander & Hedges until 1920; Tessiers Ltd after 1920

Tessiers Ltd 1959..1991 New Bond Street, London
Pairpoint Brothers 1911..1935
(registered Mar 1909)
Box, brush, buckle, mustard, tea service Alfred James Pairpoint, Francis William Pairpoint & Arthur Walter Pairpoint
Benson & Hedges (Alfred Paget Hedges) 1899
(registered Mar 1899)
Cigarette case Old Bond Street, London W
Anthony Paton Hawksley 1955..1985 Box, dish, spoon, trophy cup b1921, d1991
A P M 1926 Imported items: box, cup, spoon
Abraham Peterson & Peter Podio 1784..1788
(registered May 1783)
Basket, salt
Adolphe Peter Roger 1887..1898
(registered May 1905)
Flatware Guernsey, Channel Islands
Tessiers Ltd (1959..1991)