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Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (C)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
C & A 1917..1925 Box, brooch, brush Possibly Corke & Apthorp (successors to Corke Brothers), Northampton Square, London EC1
Collett & Anderson 1927..1932 Box, dressing table set, mustard, vanity jar top Manufacturing silversmiths, Legge Lane, Birmingham
Cohen & Charles 1898..1936
(registered Sep 1898)
Ashtray, box, cigarette case, cufflinks, flask, imported purse, matchbox cover Albert Cohen & Charles Solomon trading as Cohen & Charles, Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London
(registered Mar 1913)
Cohen & Charles (probably) 1927..1933 Imported items (cigarette case, compact, menu holder)

Carrington & Co 1906..1973
(registered May 1906)
Candelabrum, caster, coffee pot, covered dish, creamer, dish, fork, tankard, tea kettle & burner/stand, tray, trophy cup Regent Street, London
Collingwood & Co 1929..1957 Box, caster, decanter label, dish, goblet, matchbox holder, mug, napkin ring, tea & coffee service Conduit Street, London
1937, 1958..1966
(registered Jul 1912)
Collis & Co 1935 Trophy cup Cambridge Street, Birmingham
Crate & Mansell 1907
(registered Jun 1901)
Communion paten
Charles & Richard Comyns (1916..1926)
Connard & Son Ltd 1981 Commemorative box Jewellers, goldsmiths & silversmiths, Lord Street, Southport, Lancashire

(image courtesy of David Mercer)

Robert James Chaplin & Sons 1891..1905
(registered Mar 1890)
Brooch, creamer, flatware, napkin ring, spoon, trophy cup Aldersgate Street, London
(registered Mar 1890)
Clifford & Tull Ltd 1977..1979
(registered 1973)
Ingot pendant Manufacturing jewellers, Clerkenwell Road, London EC1
Catchpole & Williams Ltd 1904..1953
(registered Jan 1900)
Box, dish, mug, salt, tea service Retailers, Oxford Street, London (1927)
Grafton Street, London (1952)
Clarke & Ward 1912..1914
(registered Jun 1910)
Watch case Thomas Samuel Clarke & Alfred Ward trading as Clarke & Ward, case makers, Kensington Road, Coventry
C & W 1972 Decanter label Possibly Catchpole & Williams
Charles & Walter Padgett 1900
(registered Oct 1897)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Christopher Canner I 1699
(registered Apr 1697)
Bowl Noted as a caster maker
Charles Alchorne c1730
(registered Oct 1729)
Charles Aldridge 1793..1795
(registered Sep 1786)
Basket, ewer, salver
Charles Alfred Alston 1919
(registered Nov 1912)
Ink stand
C A 1944 Mug
Charles Asprey & Charles Asprey junior 1879..1890
(registered Feb 1876)
Box, flask, jar lid
Faraday & Davey (Charles Arthur Faraday) 1898..1906
(registered May 1895)
Box, condiments Charles Adkins Faraday, Charles Arthur Faraday, Warren Faraday & Henry Rowe trading as Faraday & Davey, Hatton Garden, London
Charles & George Asprey 1892..1909
(registered Feb 1891)
Caster, cigarette case, decanter label, dresser set, flask, flatware, frame, ink stand, pencil holder, tea strainer, vanity jar top, vase
Charles Aldridge & Henry Green 1773..1785
(registered Aug 1775)
Box, butter shell, coaster, cruet, flatware, goblet, ink stand, lemon strainer, teapot
C A S 1978 Spoon
C A T 1977 Butter knife

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
C B 1767 Chamberstick, teapot "Unidentified" by Jackson
"Not traced" by Grimwade
Cornelius Bland 1793..1797
(registered Mar 1772 & Sep 1788)
Box, coffee pot, vinaigrette
Charles Boyton (I) 1825..1833
(registered Nov 1825)
Buckle, claret jug, flatware, goblet, mug, vesta
Charles Boyton (I)

Charles Boyton (II) (from 1849)

(registered Sep 1830)
Charles Boyton (II) 1862..1899
(registered May 1855)
Charles Boyton (II) 1863
(registered Dec 1854)
Similar marks registered by:
  • Charles Band, case maker (Oct 1868 & Dec 1881)
  • Charles Busby, plate worker (Mar 1874 & Feb 1878)
  • Charles Bacon, case maker (Sep 1878)
  • Charles Beadle, gold worker (Feb 1883)
Charles Boyton (III) 1903
(registered May 1900)
Charles Boyton 1933..1947 Bowl, cup, salt, spoon, trophy cup

(image courtesy of www.20thcenturysilver.co.uk)
Catherine Brew 1966 Toddy ladle
C B 2006 Tumbler
Corke Brothers & Co 1905..1912
(registered Aug 1904)
Bookmark, brooch, jar lid, purse mount, scent bottle, vase, vesta, whisky noggin
(registered Aug 1913)
Charles Boyton & Son Ltd 1904..1912
(registered Sep 1904)
Bowl, caster, flatware, goblet, mug, napkin ring, tea service, trophy cup, vase Manufacturing silversmiths, Upper Charles Street, London EC
(registered Jul 1914)
C B & S 1924..1929 Box
Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd 1975 Bowl Don Plate Works, Arundel Street, Sheffield & Holborn Viaduct, London
Cornelius Brook Holliday 1839
(registered May 1832)
Watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London
(registered Feb 1840)
(registered Dec 1850)

(image courtesy of www.20thcenturysilver.co.uk)
Clare Rose Brooke Harte 1977 Spoon
Corke Brothers & Co (1914)
Cole Brothers 1915..1933
(registered Jan 1914)
Box, jar lid, scent bottle
C Brs 1922 Mug Possibly Corke Brothers
Christopher & Thomas Wilkes Barker 1800..1804
(registered Oct 1800)
Flatware Father & son

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Charles Chesterman II 1785..1786
(registered Feb 1780)
Basket, cruet, mug, salt
(registered Mar 1801)
Clement Cheese 1823..1830
(registered Jun 1823)
Clement Cheese (probably) 1825 Spoon
Charles Cooke 1875..1892
(registered Dec 1873)
Watch case Case maker, Thomas Street, The Butts, Coventry
Child & Child 1888 Box, candlestick A retailer's mark, not a registered maker's mark (see WC over HC for registered mark)
C C 2001..2002 Napkin clip, spoon
C D / C D (1990..1995)
Collingwood & Co (1929..1957)
Sibray, Hall & Co (Charles Clement Pilling) 1899..1913
(registered Feb 1900)
Basket, bowl, cup, dish, jug, inkwell, mustard, tazza Fitzwalter Works, Sheffield
C C P 1995..1999 Napkin clip, strawberry servers
C C P 1995..2000 Bookmark, napkin clip

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