Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (G)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Knight 1818..1824
(registered Mar 1818)
Caddy spoon, decanter label, ladle, mustard
George King 1823..1824
(registered Nov 1819)
Coffee pot, creamer, teapot
George Kenning

George Kenning & Son (from c1895)

(registered Feb 1884)
Masonic jewel, medal Goldsmith & masonic medallist, Little Britain, London; Monument Place, Liverpool; Bridge Street, Manchester
(registered Mar 1902)
Kitney & Co (Gordon & Christopher Kitney) 1988..2007 Clock, decanter label, frame Sandwich, Kent


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G L 1792..1795 Decanter label, spoon This or similar mark registered by:
  • George Love, smallworker (Apr 1763)
  • George Lowe of Chester, smallworker (Jan 1791)
  • George Longstaffe, smallworker (May 1799)
Lambert & Co (George Lambert) 1884..1900
(registered Feb 1868)
Candlestick, caster, chalice, coffee pot, cruet, decanter label, knife, napkin ring, sauce boat, spoon, teapot, tray Coventry Street, London

previously Lambert & Rawlings

Bristol Goldsmiths Alliance (George Langford) 1904
(registered Oct 1902)
George Leonard Allen 1906..1927
(registered Sep 1904)
Inkwell top, spoon Cricklewood, London
George Lawrence Connell; G L Connell Ltd 1902..1905
(registered Sep 1902)
Dish, fork (Liberty Cymric-style), salt, tea caddy G L Connell Ltd from 1917

(image courtesy of
Gertrude L Morley 1954 Spoon
Graham Leishman Stewart 1991 Spoon Dunblane, Scotland
G L S S 1995 Napkin ring


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Methuen 1744..1762
(registered Aug 1743)
Ink stand, plate, salver, snuffer tray, tea caddy, teapot Salver maker
George Morris 1751
(registered Jun 1751)
Flatware Mark is a swan over GM (script)
Gustav Mayer 1880..1882
(registered Mar 1881)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Thavies Inns, London EC
Gilbert Marks 1896..1901
(registered Mar 1896)
Fork, matchbox holder, salver, vase Noted art nouveau maker, b1861, d1905
G M 1995 Imported locket
George Musgrave Batts 1819..1822
(registered Jun 1817)
Watch case Case maker, Charterhouse Street, London
G M B 1971 Letter opener
The Gold Mesh Bag Co Ltd 1922 Box Hatton Garden, London
Gorham Manufacturing Co 1910..1938
(registered Jun 1904)
Candlestick, tongs Sterling Works, Barr Street, Birmingham & Providence, Rhode Island, USA
G M G 1998 Frame
George Melville Horton (registered Feb 1840) Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
Josiah Williams & Co (George Maudsley Jackson) 1883..1896
(registered Jan 1883)
Basket, flatware, mug, mustard, napkin ring, salt, teapot, vase St Augustine's Parade, Bristol


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
G N c1773 Tongs An unregistered mark
George Nangle 1799..1801
(registered Oct 1797)
(registered Mar 1818)
George Neal & George Neal 1912..1917
(registered Jun 1912)
Cigarette box, flask

(image courtesy of
Geoffrey Harding 1971 Coffee pot Abingdon, Oxfordshire
George Nathan & Ridley Hayes 1897..1915
(registered Aug 1893)
Basket, bowl, box, candlestick, chalice, mustard, tea service Icknield Street & Howard Street Birmingham & Hatton Garden, London
G N T 1977 Ingot pendant


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Meshach Godwin 1722
(registered Jan 1723)
Guild of Handicraft 1900..1906
(registered Dec 1900)
Bowl, candlestick, dish, mustard, spoon Important Arts and Crafts makers under C R Ashbee; originally based in London, but from 1902 in Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. From 1912 GoH run by George Henry Hart alone. Currently known as Hart Gold & Silversmiths (Web site)
1913, 1937..1947, 1970..2005
(registered Jul 1908)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
George Pearson 1818..1821
(registered May 1817)
Box, decanter label, nutmeg grater
George Piercy 1819
(registered Dec 1819)
(registered Dec 1820)
George Poole 1839..1840
(registered Nov 1837)
Watch case Case maker

Also a mark without pellet registered Jul 1821:

George Perkins 1901..1914
(registered May 1901)
Basket, creamer, mustard, sauce boat
Georg Prag 1909
(registered Aug 1900)
Imported purse Foreign agent
G P Ltd 2000 Pepper mill, salt, wine funnel A very similar mark seen with a Sheffield assay (and an identical mark with a Birmingham assay)
G P S 1979..1983 Box, money clip


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Greene 1701..1709
(registered Aug 1700)
Richard Green 1709
(registered Apr 1703)
George Rous 1758..1761
(registered Jan 1765)
George Reid 1823..1839
(registered Mar 1811 & 1817, 1824, 1828, 1829)
Decanter label, lid
George Richards 1825..1826
(registered Sep 1823)
Watch case Case maker, Bridgwater Square, London
(registered Jul 1823 & 1834, 1837)
George John Richards 1846..1855
(registered May 1844)
Basket, cup, decanter label, flatware, mug, salver, teapot, toast rack
Robert Abercromby & George Hindmarsh (1730)
G R Collis & Co (George Richmond Collis) 1839..1840
(registered Apr 1840)
George Richards Elkington 1852..1867
(registered Sep 1851)
Bowl, claret jug, goblet, flatware, mug, plate, salver, tea & coffee service
George John Richards & Edward Charles Brown 1857..1866
(registered Jul 1857)
Cruet, decanter label, ink stand, mug, mustard, salt, salver
Richard & Joseph Gosling (probably) 1758..1766 Spoon Unregistered mark
George Robert Weir 1897..1898
(registered Jan 1897)
Bowl, cigarette case, inkwell, stick handle