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Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (R)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
A R 1685 Teapot Possibly Alexander Roode - attribution by Jackson
Roberts & Belk Ltd 1906..1983
(registered Mar 1906)
Commemorative spoons, grape scissors, teapot Furnival Works, Sheffield
Rowland & Co 1902
(registered Sep 1902)
Robinson & Co Ltd 1905..1922
(registered Jun 1905)
Flatware, mug, salver, trophy cup The Square, Shrewsbury
1936, 1963
(registered Mar 1911)
Roberts & Dore Ltd 1919..1926, 1956..1973
(registered Feb 1914)
Candelabra, coaster, cup, decanter, decanter label, napkin ring, sauce boat Hatton Garden, London
Roberts & Dore Ltd (probably) 1974..1977 Commemorative items (jubilee plate, Churchill dish), decanter label
Richards & Knight 1962..1977 Caddy spoon, caster, decanter label, tastevin, tea strainer
R & O 2002 Candlestick Seen with Mappin & Webb mark
R & P J 1972 Goblet
Rickard & Quilley 1913
(registered Apr 1906)
Chain bag Arthur William Rickard & David Quilley trading as Rickard & Quilley, manufacturing jewellers, Albermarle Street, Clerkenwell; later Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell
Ramsden & Roed

subsequently Ramsden & Roed Ltd

1929..1973 Ash tray, cigar cutter, cigarette case; gold items: box, watch case Manufacturing goldsmiths, Warwick Street, London W1
Rotherham & Sons (registered May 1909) Watch manufacturers, Spon Street, Coventry & Holborn Circus, London
Reid & Sons 1910..1937
(registered Jun 1909)
Butter shell, caddy spoon, caster, chalice & paten, condiments set, dish, goblet, ink well, mug, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, tazza, tea service, toast rack Blackett Street & Granger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
Reid & Sons Ltd 1938..1950
Rosenzweig & Taitelbaum (Jacob Rosenzweig & Aaron Taitelbaum) 1911
(registered Jul 1909)
R & W Sorley (1911..1939)
R & T Washbourne Ltd (1913)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Rand 1707
(registered Jan 1704)
Cup & cover
Robert Abercromby 1731..1738
(registered Oct 1731)
Salver Specialist salver maker
(registered Jun 1739)
R A 2002 Bowl
Robert Ashworth & Co Ltd 1922
(registered Nov 1908)
Harrogate souvenir spoon Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate, Yorkshire
Richard Andrew James Allison 2009
Robert Albin Cox (1758..1759)
R A C 1976 Goblet
Robert Abercromby & George Hindmarsh 1730
(registered May 1731)
Salver Partnership lasted from May 1731 to October 1731
R A M 1924..1928 Fork, mustard, salver, trophy cup
R A P 1931 Letter opener, spoon
Richard William Atkins & William Nathaniel Somersall 1830..1836
(registered Mar 1825)
Bowl, coffee pot, creamer, mug, salver, teapot

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Richard Bayley 1723..1729
(registered Jul 1720)
Coffee pot, mug, salver
(registered Jun 1739)
Richard Burcombe 1731..1734
(registered Feb 1724)
Creamer, saucepan, tankard
Richard Bayley (probably) 1736 Mug An unregistered mark. A similar mark with letters closer together and closer to edge of punch registered Aug 1734 by Richard Bell, smallworker
Richard Beale 1738
(registered Oct 1733)
(registered Jun 1739)
Robert Brown 1741
(registered Jun 1739)
Richard Binley c1760
(registered Dec 1760)
Decanter label
Robert Barker 1793..1794
(registered Nov 1793)
Decanter label
Roger Biggs 1797..1801
(registered May 1791)
Box, vinaigrette Also registered marks as a gold worker 1822 & 1826
Richard Buckton 1806
(registered Mar 1806)
Nutmeg grater
Richard Britton 1816..1822
(registered Feb 1812)
(registered Mar 1827 & 1842)

(image courtesy of www.dartsilverltd.co.uk)

Harrods Stores Ltd (Richard Burbridge) 1911..1917
(registered Sep 1911)
Bowl, box, goblet, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, tea service, vanity jar top Sir Richard Burbridge was Managing Director of Harrods (cf RWB mark)
Reginald Beale 1951..1953 Goblet
R B 1978..1981 Caddy spoon, menu holder
Rundell, Bridge & Rundell 1804..1805 Salver Note: this mark not registered as it appears with the marks of the individual makers (e.g. Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith, etc.)

Partners: Philip Rundell, John Bridge & Edmund Rundell; Edmund Rundell was Philip Rundell's nephew.

R B B 1969..1995 Book cover, frame

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of www.coritani.com)
R C 1633 Spoon
R C 1715 Cup
Robert Albin Cox 1753..1755
(registered Jul 1752)
Coffee pot, mug, sauce boat, tankard Also a mark RC (script) registered Jun 1759 [seen with 1759 hallmark]
(registered Jul 1758)
R C 1759 Tankard A similar mark without the "bump" registered Jun 1759 by Robert Albin Cox
Richard Crossley 1783..1813
(registered Apr 1782; further marks registered up to 1812)
Spoons Crossley died in 1815
Richard Cook 1799..1811
(registered Jun 1799)
Chamberstick, coffee pot, dish, egg cruet, inkwell, plate, standish, tea service, tray, tureen
Randall Chatterton 1825..1845
(registered Oct 1825)
Robert Causer 1872
(registered Mar 1855)
Watch case Case maker, Jordan Well, Coventry
Robert Charles Culverwell 1902
(registered Apr 1901)
Purse mount
William Comyns & Sons Ltd (1922..1984)
R C 1971..1974 Spoon

(image courtesy of Ray Nimmo)
Ronald Cordon 1981
(registered 1974)
R C 1999 Card case
R C B 1991 Clock
Richard Carter, Daniel Smith & Robert Sharp 1778
(registered Dec 1778)
Covered dish, plate Partnership only lasted until Feb 1780 (see DS over RS)
Richard Crossley & George Smith IV 1806..1811
(registered Apr 1807)
R Co 1980 Bracelet
Rodney C Pettit 1974..1980 Coffee pot, napkin ring, spoon
R C P Ltd 1935..1950 Imported items: bottle opener, dish

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Richard Devonshire 1819
(registered Oct 1819)
Robert Death 1843..1849
(registered Oct 1840)
Cruet stand, mustard A similar mark registered by Robert Downes Jul 1838

A similar mark, but with RD smaller in proportion registered by Robert Davies Feb 1842

Robert Dicker 1871
(registered Mar 1865)
Candlestick, creamer, pounce pot, toast rack

(image courtesy of www.acsilver.co.uk)
(registered Mar 1873)
R D 2000 Spoon
R D C 1992 Box

(image courtesy of www.20thcenturysilver.co.uk)
Rupert Donald East 1971..1983 Bowl, pepperette
D & R Hennell (1759..1771)
R d Q 1998 Dish, pickle fork
Daniel Smith & Robert Sharp (1768..1774)

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