Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (R)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Robert William Jay 1899..1901
(registered Nov 1897)
Reuben Jordan (registered Jun 1906) Pipe mount Hatfield Road, Bedford Park, London W; subsequently Brackley Road, Chiswick, London W4
R J 1929..1936 ARP badge, masonic medal
R J 1977 Ingot pendant
Richard Jarvis 2003..2004 Box, commemorative ruler Pall Mall, London SW1

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Jay, Richard Attenborough Co Ltd (1929..1933, 1963)
Richard James Beckley 1825
(registered Feb 1825)
R J C 1983 Box
James Harvey & Co (Robert John Harvey) 1868
(registered Nov 1848)
Salt Regent Street, London
Richard James Oliver 1884
(registered Nov 1867)
Pocket barometer, watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London
(registered May 1889)
Robert John Pike 1874..1878
(registered Oct 1870)
Watch case Watch case manufacturer, Cromwell Street, Coventry
(registered Mar 1877)
(registered Feb 1882)
Raymond John Piercy 1977 Ingot pendant
R J S 1981 Decanter label


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Robert King 1680 Spoon
Richard Kersill 1746
(registered Apr 1744)
Sauce boat
Robert Kelley 1807
(registered Sep 1807)
Rubin Koshr 1900..1906
(registered Nov 1900)
Kiddush cup Also known as Rubin Kusher

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Richard Krohn 1902
(registered Jul 1900)
R K N 1982 Decanter label
Richard Kevitt Rotheram 1856
(registered Feb 1855)
Watch case Case maker, Spon Street, Coventry


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Robert Lucas 1730..1733
(registered Mar 1727)
Caster, cup
Richard Lockwood 1804
(registered May 1797)
Richard Lang 1910..1913
(registered Jun 1910)
Imported items: box, caddy spoon, figural pepperette, jug
R L B 1997 Napkin ring
R L C 1887 Spoon Possibly Robert Livingstone Christie. N.B. this mark not shown by Culme for Christie
Robert Livingstone Christie 1897
(registered Oct 1897)
Royal Mint 1993..2001 Bookmark, commemorative medal Initials are those of R de L Holmes, Deputy Master & Chief Executive of The Royal Mint

Llantrisant, Wales

Richard Lockwood & John Douglas 1801..1802
(registered Aug 1800)
Box, vinaigrette
Roger Sparrow 1988 Cucumber slicer
Russells Ltd 1924..1925
(registered Nov 1905)
Caster Watch makers, Church Street, Liverpool


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Ralph Maidman 1732
(registered May 1731)
Bowl, strainer
Richard Mills 1760..1765
(registered Jul 1755 & 1760, 1765)
Salt, salver, sauce boat, tongs
(registered Nov 1767)
Richard Meach 1770
(registered Mar 1765)
Spoon Grimwade shows the 1765 registered mark with pellet between R and M. Meach also registered a mark without pellet Mar 1774.
Richard Morrison 1795
(registered Oct 1768)

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Robert Metham 1810..1811
(registered Jul 1808)
Goblet, skewer
Richard Mosley 1842
(registered Feb 1835)
Pencil (marked "MOSLEY LONDON")

Culme shows this mark for Robert Mosley, registered Dec 1849

Robert Marshall 1912
(registered Apr 1908)
Cigar case High Holborn, London
R M 1980 Box
Richard Morson & Benjamin Stephenson 1772
(registered Oct 1762)
Jug, knife handle
Martin, Hall & Co (Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall) 1863..1878
(registered May 1863)
Candlestick, claret jug, coffee pot, cruet, dish, flatware, inkstand, monteith, mug, napkin ring, salver, tazza, tea & coffee service, tea caddy, tray. Shrewsbury Works, Sheffield
(registered Jan 1880)
R M Marples & Son 1903..1904
(registered Mar 1902)
Imported items: shoe horn, spoon "Foreign agents"
Robert Makepeace & Richard Carter 1776..1778
(registered Jan 1777)
Chamberstick, coffee pot, salver, tankard, tray, tureen
Richard M Whitehouse 1981..1982 Bowl, candlestick, jug, napkin ring, spoon Web site
R M W B 1987 Caddy spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
R N 1982 Box
Ramsden & Carr (Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr) 1899..1919
(registered Feb 1898)
Brush, caster, cup holder, dish, goblet, inkwell, jar top, mustard, napkin ring Stamford Bridge Studios, Fulham Road, London, SW
R N F 1994..2000 Beaker, note holder, pincushion, salt
R N R G 1971..1983 Beaker, tumbler


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Alexander Roode 1698..1700
(registered Apr 1697)
Mug, saucepan

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Nathaniel Roe 1716
(registered c1710-1712)
Mary Rood 1722..1723
(registered Dec 1721)
Philip Roker II 1723
(registered Apr 1720)
Richard Oliver 1861..1873
(registered Feb 1859)
Watch case Case maker, Galway Street, St Luke's, London

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Reynell Oswald Huyshe 1937 Spoon
Richard Oliver & John Edwards 1847..1855
(registered Apr 1846)
Watch case Case makers
(registered Jun 1855)
R O W Ltd 1924 Knife rest


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Robert Plankney c1580 Spoon
Richard Pargeter 1735..1736
(registered Oct 1730)
Spoon Also RP in an oval punch registered Feb 1737
(registered Jun 1739)
Robert Perth (probably) 1748..1754 Marrow scoop, spoon Grimwade lists this mark as "? Robert Perth"

Unregistered mark

Richard Palmer I 1760..1767
(registered Jun 1759 & 1795)
Salver, watch case Registered as smallworker (1759), case maker (1769)

Also registered an incuse RP mark (1769) and cameo RP with rectangular corners (1780 & 1791)

(registered Dec 1786 & 1793)
Robert Peaston 1762..1776 Caster Made mostly casters

Unregistered mark

Richard Pearce 1817..1820
(registered Oct 1812)
Spoon First mark presumably used until entering partnership with George Burrows in 1826

Bankrupt December 1862

(registered Jul 1851)
Richard Poulden 1818..1825
(registered Nov 1818)
Robert Pringle (registered Oct 1871) Bowl, claret jug, flask, flatware, mug, napkin ring, salver, souvenir spoon, tea strainer, toast rack, trophy cup, whisky noggin Clerkenwell Road, London EC1
Robert Pringle & Sons 1886..1958
(registered Feb 1874)
(registered Mar 1907)
Raphael Plato 1913
(registered Nov 1812)
Imported purse
R P 1969 Coffee pot
R P 1977..1989 Ingot pendant, letter opener, ruler
Richard Pearce & George Burrows 1826..1847
(registered Nov 1826 & 1835)
Caster, coffee pot, mug, mustard, salt, saucepan, tea service, toast rack Banner Street, Bunhill Row, St Luke's, London

Partnership lasted until July 1851