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Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (S)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Samuel Smith III 1754
(registered Feb 1754)
Pounce pot
Samuel Strahan 1837
(registered Nov 1805 & 1808, 1811, 1834)
Watch case Case maker
Samuel Saltmarsh 1840
(registered Jun 1838)
Watch case Case maker
Saul Scott 1863
(registered Jun 1862)

(image courtesy of Dave Koncher)
Goldsmiths Alliance Ltd (Samuel Smily) 1865..1878
(registered Oct 1865)
Flatware, salver, tea & coffee services This company formed by A B Savory & Sons and T C Savory & Co. Smily was the manager of Savory & Sons until 1880.
Stephen Smith 1873..1884
(registered Jan 1865)
Mug, salt, salver King Street, Covent Garden, London
Selim Samuel 1882..1888
(registered May 1880)
Watch case Case maker, Oxford Terrace, Chapel Fields, Coventry

Note: Culme has Samuel Selim, but he was in partnership with Philip Cohen as Cohen & Samuel. Registered as Selim Samuel at Chester Assay Office.

Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith & Son Ltd from 1899

(registered Feb 1893)
Vesta Jewellers, Strand, London

Also trading as Diamond Merchants Alliance, Piccadilly, London

(registered Jun 1896)
(registered Jun 1898)
S S 1927 Imported box A similar mark registered by Saunders & Shepherd Ltd, Mar 1909
C Shapland & Co (1934..1938)
S S 1968..1971 Bowl, dish
S S 1982..1985, 2000 Frame
Sutton School of Art 1987
(registered 1970)
Napkin ring

(image courtesy of www.waxantiques.com)
Drew & Sons (Samuel Summers Drew & Ernest Drew) 1889..1899
(registered Jan 1888)
Box, bottle lid, button hook, cigar case, cigarette case, flask, glove stretchers, salt, soap dish, shoe horn, vanity jar top Retailers, Piccadilly, London
(registered Feb 1898)
(registered Nov 1903)
William Hutton & Sons Ltd (1893..1915)
C Shapland & Co (Stanley & Thomas Shapland) 1922..1933
(registered 1919)
Ashtray, bowl, box, creamer, decanter label, dish, mug, mustard, plate, salt, spoon, sucrier, toast rack Jewellers & silversmiths, High Holborn, London

cf similar marks for CS over RS

C Shapland & Co (Stanley Shapland) 1934..1938
Stephen Smith & William Nicholson 1851..1862
(registered May 1850)
Coffee pot, decanter label, epergne, jug, lidded dish, salver Duke Street, Lincolns Inn Fields, London
(registered Sep 1850)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
T S in monogram crowned (unknown maker) (c1685)
Samuel Taylor 1754..1768
(registered May 1744)
Tea caddy
Francis Cooper (1937)
Grey & Co (Sidney Thomas Oldridge) 1889..1892
(registered Aug 1887)
Chatelaine & accessories, menu card, purse frame

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Sutton 1698..1706
(registered Apr 1697)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Swadling 1685..1692 Spoon
Samuel Welder 1730..1735
(registered Oct 1729)
Caster, cruet A similar mark with smaller letters registered Jul 1720
Starling Wilford 1734..1738
(registered Apr 1729)
Samuel Wood 1733
(registered Jul 1733)
Caster, cruet, tankard
(registered Sep 1737)
(registered Jun 1739)
(registered Oct 1756)
Samuel Whitford I 1763..1766
(registered Mar 1764)
Coffee pot, creamer
Samuel Wood (probably) 1782 Plate Attribution from Jackson
Samuel Wintle (probably) 1782 Spoon
Samuel Wintle 1785
(registered May 1783)
Spoon, tongs

(image courtesy of Winsor House Antiques)
S W 1798..1802 Caster Similar to an unidentified, unregistered mark illustrated by Grimwade for this period
Samuel Whitford II 1810..1825 Bowl, box, cruet frame, decanter label, mug, spoon, teapot, toast rack Plateworker, registered Jun 1800 & 1807, 1812
Samuel Wheatley Plateworker, registered Aug 1811
Samuel Whitford 1857..1881
(registered Sep 1856)
Flatware A similar mark registered by Susan Whittaker, spoon maker, widow of Thomas Whittaker, Sep 1855
S W & Co 1981 Decanter label
S Weingott & Son 1907
(registered Dec 1904)
Pipe mount
Worcester Silver Co Inc 1952..1968 Flatware A US company which imported British silver to USA
Samuel Whitford II & George Pizey 1810
(registered Aug 1810)
Toast rack
William Henry Skinner 1897..1901
(registered May 1897)
Caster, claret jug, dish
Samuel Wheatley & John Evans I 1811
(registered Apr 1810)
Samuel William Read 1891
(registered Feb 1892)
Watch case Watch manufacturer, Craven Street, Coventry
Samuel Walton Smith 1891
(registered Sep 1897)
Caster, salt, teapot N.B. Culme has "Samuel Watton Smith", but this is believed to be incorrect

A similar mark with stops between letters registered Feb 1882

S W Smith & Co 1901..1913
(registered Nov 1900)

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

(image courtesy of www.acsilver.co.uk)
Richard Syng 1698
(registered Apr 1697)
Candlestick A similar mark in an oval punch registered same date
Samuel Yeomans (registered Mar 1914) Case maker, Spon Street, Coventry

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Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Sigmund Zyto 1922..1925 Judaica (besamin (spice tower), bowl, kiddush cup, menorah) St Mark's Street, Goodman's Fields, London

Mark with pellet registered Feb 1896:

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