Silver Makers' Marks - Sheffield Assay Office (H)



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Horton & Allday (registered Sep 1903) Warstone Lane, Birmingham & Poland Street, London W

(image courtesy of Gary Rooney)
Hardy, Bell & Co 1833
(registered Mar 1831)
Fruit knife Plate Workers, Union Lane, Sheffield
Hamilton & Co
(of Calcutta)
(registered Mar 1909)
Claret jug, spoon, salver, vase Eastcheap, London & Calcutta, Delhi & Simla
Howard & Hawksworth 1836..1848
(registered Mar 1835)
Chamberstick, covered dish, salver, teapot, tureen William Howard and John Smith Hawksworth, Plate Workers, Hartshead, Sheffield
Hukin & Heath Ltd 1912..1925 Flatware, trophy cup
Hamilton & Inches (registered Feb 1895) Spoon Princes Street, Edinburgh
(registered Oct 1897)
Hilliard & Thomason (probably) 1850..1873 Fruit knife This mark not shown in the Sheffield RegisterWatson, B.W. - The Sheffield Assay Office Register,  Wm Townsend & Sons, Sheffield, 1911

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Hilliard & Thomason (probably) 1894 Fruit knife This mark not shown in the Sheffield RegisterWatson, B.W. - The Sheffield Assay Office Register,  Wm Townsend & Sons, Sheffield, 1911
Hilliard & Thomason 1896
(registered Nov 1896)
Spoon Spencer Street, Birmingham


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Henry Atkin 1851 Basket, box, butter dish, candlestick, caster, coffee pot, condiments, cup, decanter label, egg cup, flatware, fruit knife, grape scissors, mug, napkin ring, salver, tankard, tea caddy, tea service, toast rack, tray, trophy cup, vase Howard Street, Sheffield

Also with stop between letters as shown in Sheffield Assay Office Register, registered Mar 1841

An identical mark registered by Archer, Machin & Marsh Nov 1854

Atkin Brothers 1854..1953 Truro Works, Matilda Street, Sheffield

Marks registered by Harry Wright Atkin from c1853 until his death in 1896, and then by his son Harry Atkin

Atkin Brothers was in business from 1853 until 1958 when they were taken over by C J Vander Ltd.

(registered Oct 1853)
H A A 1958 Spoon


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Harrison Brothers (probably) 1960..1991 Knife handle
H B 1962 Hot water jug
Howard, Battie & Hawksworth 1830..1833 Coaster, jar lid, toast rack William Howard, William Battie and John Smith Hawksworth, silver platers, Sheffield

Previously trading as Battie, Howard & Hawksworth. Partnership dissolved Feb 1834 and the business continued as Howard & Hawksworth.

H B & S 1985 Frame
Henry Birks & Sons Ltd (probably) 1932..1955 Fork, spoon
H (B A) Ltd 1920..1924 Ash tray, cup, flatware
Harrison Brothers & Howson Ltd 1989..2003 Bookmark, box, "collectable" caddy spoon, paperweight, pepperette The Chase, London SW4

Also seen laser-marked but otherwise identical

Hardy Brothers 1910..1934
(registered May 1905)
Cup holder, spoon, tea service, tray Charterhouse Street & West Smithfield, London. Also in Sydney & Brisbane, Australia.
H Brs 1966 Souvenir tastevin (Cunard line) Possibly Hill Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd, Suffolk Road, Sheffield


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Henry Cook 1872
(registered Nov 1879)
Fruit knife Richard Street, Birmingham
Hugh Crawshaw 1988..2020 Bookmark, box, buckle, dish, flatware, letter opener, penknife, quaich Trinity Street, Sheffield

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H C A 1996 Spoon

(image courtesy of the Peartree Collection)
Harry Charles Hall 1920..1921
(registered 1915)
Jar, teapot Taught at the Swansea Municipal School of Arts and Crafts from 1909 to 1936


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H D 1836 Box

(image courtesy of Keith Saville)
Hugh Dunsheath & Co 1905..1920
(registered Sep 1907)
Salver, spoon Arundel Street, Sheffield
H D 1969..1973 Beaker, box, coaster, matchbox cover


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Hawkesworth, Eyre & Co (Charles Hawksworth & John Eyre) 1837..1865
(registered Jul 1833)
Basket, bowl, candlestick, condiments, cruet, cup holder, decanter label, flask, flatware, fruit knife, knife rest, pincushion, salver, spoon, tea service, toast rack Plate workers, White Rails, Sheffield
(registered Jul 1867)
Nursery Street, Sheffield
Hawksworth, Eyre & Co (James Kebberling Bembridge, Thomas Hall & George Woodhouse) 1870
(registered Nov 1869)
Hawksworth, Eyre & Co (James Kebberling Bembridge) 1885..1891
(registered Mar 1873)
Hawksworth, Eyre & Co Ltd (registered Dec 1892) Rockingham Street, Sheffield

Taken over 1932 by Ellis & Co (subsidiary of Barker Brothers Ltd) of Birmingham

(registered Mar 1894)
Barker Brothers (Herbert Edward Barker & Frank Ernest Barker)

Barker Brothers Ltd (from 1925)

1926..1936 Knife handle Constitution Hill, Birmingham & High Holborn, London


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Rowlands & Frazer (Henry Frazer) (registered Jul 1897) Regent Street, London
Harrison Fisher
(subsequently Harrison Fisher & Co)
(registered Sep 1898)
Coffee pot, condiments set, dish, flatware, fruit knife, napkin ring, salver, tea service Trafalgar Works, Trafalgar Street, Sheffield
Harrison Fisher & Co 1908..1981
Hugh Foulerton 1982..1984 Flatware


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H G 1871 Fruit knife
Henry Greaves 1901 Trophy cup New Street, Birmingham

Note: HG mark in oval not registered at Sheffield Assay Office

H Greaves Ltd (registered Jul 1906)
Henry Greaves 1905..1919
(registered Oct 1903)
Fork, knife handle, spoon Earl Street, Sheffield
Henry Griffith & Sons Ltd (probably) 1976..1981 Bracelet, napkin ring Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
1979 Napkin ring
William Gallimore & Sons 1891
(registered Nov 1890)
Fruit knife, tongs Arundel Works, Arundel Street, Sheffield
H Greaves Ltd


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Harrison Brothers & Howson (Henry Harrison) 1854..1895
(registered Aug 1849)
Bowl, candlestick, coffee pot, dish, flatware, fruit knife, mustard, salt, salver, tea service, toast rack, tray Norfolk Street, Sheffield
H Hunt 1922..1972 Flatware, knife handle, letter opener, napkin ring Part of Francis Howard Ltd
H H 1941..1948 Egg cup, fork, napkin ring, spoon, tea strainer
H H 1951..1967 Coaster, dish, napkin ring, spoon
Historical Heirlooms Ltd 1971..1972 Commemorative mug, reproduction Roman bowl & spoon Deansgate, Bolton, Lancashire
H H 1969..1975 Butter knife, creamer, dish, fish eaters, tea strainer
Henry Hutton & Co 1976..1991 Creamer, flatware, knife handle, mug, salver, toast rack Harwood Street, Sheffield
Walker & Hall (Henry Hall & John Edward Bingham) 1869..1872
(registered Oct 1868)
Claret jug, fork, fruit knife
Henry Hobson & Sons 1894..1937
(registered Dec 1894)
Candlestick, dish, flatware, fruit knife, matchbox holder, tray Houndsditch, London & Carver Street, Sheffield


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H J Cooper & Co Ltd 1939 Salver Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, London


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H K 1928 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
H L 1986 Statuette
Hamilton Laidlaw & Co 1901..1904
(registered Nov 1901)
Flatware, salver, toast rack Queen Street, Glasgow
(registered Mar 1906)
H L & F 1934 Napkin ring Mark appears to be overstamped on HL&Co
Harris Leon Brown 1891..1893
(registered Jun 1890)
Spoon, teapot Market Place, Sheffield
H L Brown & Son 1968..1992 Dish, goblet, tray


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Harris, Miller & Co Ltd 1977..1981 Spoon Cutlers & silversmiths, Emu Works, Eyre Street, Sheffield
H M I 1940 Spoon
H M Ltd 1981 Spoon
Herbert M Slater 1918..1929
(registered Dec 1907)
Flatware, jug


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H Pidduck & Sons (probably) 1917 Dish Hanley & Southport
H Pidduck & Sons 1931..1937 Dish, salver, spoon, toast rack Hanley & Southport
Tessiers Ltd (Herbert & Lawrence Parsons) 1969..1975 Knife & fork set, salver, toast rack


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H R & Co 1960 (or 1935) Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Henry Stratford; Henry Stratford Ltd 1880..1900
(registered Mar 1879)
Bowl, caster, chafing dish, coffee pot, cup, entree dish, mug, mustard, salver, spoon, tea caddy, tea service, vase New Church Street, Sheffield; subsequently Harwood Street, Sheffield

Henry Stratford Ltd after 1900

(registered Nov 1900)
(registered Feb 1905)
H S 1935..1938 Butter knife, spoon
H Samuel Ltd 1938..1946 Fork, napkin ring, spoon
Harrod's Ltd 1990..2008 Candelabrum, clock, frame, ladle
H S over G S 1965 Dish
H Stroud Ltd 1939 Fork Wholesale jewellers, Kenton Road, Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
H T 1771 Basket Possibly Henry Tudor
Walter Thornhill & Co (Hubert Thornhill) (registered May 1895) New Bond Street, London

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H T 1937..1938 Ladle, sauce boat
Tudor & Leader (Henry Tudor & Thomas Leader) 1773..1793
(registered Sep 1773)
Caddy spoon, covered dish, cup, salt, salver, taperstick, tray


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Hampton Utilities 1947 Pastry fork Hockley, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
H V Pithey & Co 1905
(registered Apr 1903)
Knife handle Lower John Street, London W; subsequently (1904) Great Pulteney Street, London W


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Lee & Wigfull (Henry Wigfull) 1892..1894 Bowl, carving set (silver-mounted), caster, claret jug, coaster, dish, goble, jug, mug, pepperette, salt, salver, spoon, standish, tea service, toast rack, tray, vase John Street Works, Highfield, Sheffield

Subsequently Lee & Wigfull Ltd

(registered Jul 1879)
(registered Jul 1879)
Henry Wilkinson & Co 1831..1848
(registered Sep 1831)
Basket, bowl, box, candlestick, chamberstick, claret jug, coaster, decanter label, dish, egg cruet, flatware, fruit knife, ink stand, napkin ring, pepperette, salt, salver, snuffer tray, tea caddy, toast rack, tray Norfolk Street, Sheffield

Wilkinson & Co went into liquidation in 1892 and was bought by Walker & Hall

(registered May 1890)
H W L 1931 Fork, spoon
Henry Williamson Ltd 1894..1900 Butter knife, flask, flatware, fruit knife, knife rest Farringdon Road, London & Spencer Street, Birmingham
(registered Jul 1894)
H W Plate Manufacturing Co 1929..1930 Tea service, trophy cup
W T H (1953)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
H y C 1962..1966 Dish, salver, sauce boat, tazza, tea service, tray