Silver Makers' Marks - Sheffield Assay Office (W)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
W & Co 1907..1920 Flatware
W & E V 1911..1914 Creamer, sucrier
John Wright & George Fairbairn 1809..1812
(registered Mar 1809)
Caster top, coaster, salt Plate Workers, Sheffield Park
W & G 1919..1941 Ash tray, coffee pot, spoon
Wilson & Gill 1953 Dish Regent Street, London
Walker & Hall 1882..1895
(registered Aug 1894)
Basket, bowl, box, card case, cigarette case, dish, flatware, fruit knife, napkin ring, pepperette, sauce boat, tea & coffee service, toast rack, tray, trophy cup, vanity jar top, vase, vesta, watch stand Electro Works, Howard Street, Sheffield
(registered Jul 1892)
(registered Mar 1896)

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(registered Jan 1894)
W & J A B 1944..1946 Flatware, napkin ring, toast rack
Wardell & Kempson (registered Jan 1811) Plate Workers, Birmingham

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W & P 1928 Butter knife
W & R 1850 Fruit knife Possibly Wilkinson & Roberts who registered a similar incuse mark Nov 1831
West & Son 1905..1910
(registered Feb 1902)
Flatware, toast rack College Green, Dublin
Wilson & Sharp 1924..1933 Box, tea service, toast rack Princes Street, Edinburgh


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Adams Ltd 1902
(registered Jun 1901)
Fruit knife Barr Street, Birmingham
William Aitken (registered Nov 1903) Summer Row, Birmingham
W A 1934..1935 Flatware, toast rack
William Allanson & Co 1834..1845 Candlestick, decanter label, lid Plate Workers, Norfolk Street, Sheffield


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William Briggs 1838..1844
(registered Aug 1823)
Fruit knife, spoon Plate worker, Button Lane, Sheffield

The registered mark has a stop between the letters:

William Briggs & Co (1899)
William Bush & Sons (probably) 1931..1970 Bowl, candelabra, caster, communion silver (paten, pyx), dish, hot water jug, knife handle, napkin ring, salver, spoon, toast rack
William Birks & Co (William Birks, Benjamin Withers, John & Dinis Sykes) 1779
(registered Sep 1773)
Knife & fork handles Plate Workers, Pincin Lane, Sheffield

A similar mark but with pellet between W and B registered Feb 1781 by William Birks & Son

William Briggs & Co (1894..1909)
William Briggs & Co, Sheffield (1900..1911)
William Batt & Sons 1904..1930
(registered May 1901)
Flatware Sycamore Road, Sheffield
W Batty & Sons 1927 Trophy cup Market Street, Manchester
William Briggs & Co 1875..1888
(registered Mar 1873)
Flatware, mug, mustard, sauce boat, sugar scuttle Andrew Street, Wicker, Sheffield
(registered Nov 1890)
(registered Jan 1900)
William Briggs & Co, Sheffield 1900..1911
(registered Oct 1900)
Williams (Birmingham) Ltd (registered Feb 1907) Hockley Street, Birmingham
William Batt & Sons Ltd (probably) 1938..1960 Fish eaters, tea strainer
W Bros 1970..1977 Mug, salver


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
James Chesterman & Co

subsequently James Chesterman & Co Ltd

(registered Nov 1885)
Tape measure Bow Works, Pomona Street, Sheffield
William Charles Eaton 1888..1894
(registered May 1883)
Fob medal Melbourne Works, Sydney Street, Sheffield
William Clark Manton 1885
(registered May 1882)
Fruit knife Hylton Street, Vyse Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Darby 1785
(registered Nov 1785)
"Patent" spoon Plate Worker, Pea Croft, Sheffield
W D 1848 Fruit knife Mark does not appear in the Sheffield Register but may be a retailer's mark as it appears to be an overstamp
W & M Dodge (William Dodge) 1867
(registered Mar 1866)
Fruit knife Market Place, Manchester
William Devenport 1899
(registered Aug 1895)
Ferrule Spencer Street, Birmingham; subsequently Northwood Street, Birmingham
M D Q (1963..1972)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
W E V 1965 Tea strainer
W E V 1986 Coaster


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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William Fox c1790
(registered Dec 1775)
Fruit knife Plate worker, West Barr
William Fairbairns & Sons 1886..1889
(registered May 1885)
Goblet, trophy cup St Mary Axe, London EC
Fordham & Faulkner (William Charles Fordham & Albert Buckley Faulkner) 1896..1913
(registered Jun 1896)
Basket, candlestick, coffee pot, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, tea service, trophy Orchard Works, Sheffield; from 1899 Cambridge Street, Sheffield

Partnership dissolved May 1916; business continued by Fordham as "Fordham & Fordham", Buckley going into business on his own


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Gallimore & Co 1886..1888
(registered Oct 1867)
Flatware, knife blade, knife rest, spoon Arundel Works, Sheffield
William Gallimore & Sons 1892..1930
(registered May 1892)
Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co
(William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman)
(registered Feb 1881)
Candlestick, flatware, pepperette, tea service Regent Street, London
Mappin Brothers (William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman) 1890
(registered Jan 1890)
Coffee pot, creamer, cruet, flatware, salt Baker's Hill, Sheffield
(registered Jan 1890)
W G W 1976 Napkin ring, spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Hutton & Son 1864
(registered Jun 1857)
Butter knife High Street, Sheffield
William Hazlett 1903
(registered Apr 1903)
Butter knife Cheapside, London
W H 1925 Knife
W H & Co 1868 Fruit knife This mark not shown in Sheffield Assay Office Register
William Hutton & Sons Ltd 1896..1939, 1997
(registered Apr 1894)
Ash tray, bowl, caster, decanter label, flask, flatware, fruit knife, inkwell, mug, salt, salver, tea caddy, tea kettle, tea & coffee service, toast rack, trophy cup, trophy shield West Street, Sheffield, Hanley Street, Birmingham & Farringdon Road, London
W H E 1910 Cruet
W H M 1929 Spoon
William Henry May 1938 Tea strainer Clumber Street, Nottingham
W T H (1953)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William J Holmes

William J Holmes Ltd (after c1938)

(registered Aug 1903) Hockley Hill, Birmingham
W J H Ltd 1927..1935 Spoon


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Walker Knowles & Co 1846..1860
(registered Dec 1840)
Candlestick, chamberstick, coaster, cup, decanter label, dish, salver Plate workers, Burgess Street, Sheffield


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Walter Latham 1898..1899
(registered Jul 1893)
Candlestick, inkwell Brocco Works, Solly Street, Sheffield
Walter Latham & Son 1899..1912
(registered Jan 1900)
William Lister & Sons 1912..1922
(registered Sep 1895)
Bowl, ladle, salver, sauce boat, tea service, tea strainer Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
W L S 1991 Box
W Ltd 2001 Scent bottle


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Mammatt 1882..1889
(registered Sep 1876)
Mug, presentation trowel The mark registered in 1876 did not have a stop between W and M

Albion Plate Works, Division St, Sheffield

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William Morton 1890..1896
(registered Jul 1885)
Folding scissors, fruit knife Old Rockingham Works, Rockingham Street, Sheffield
W M 1899 Fruit knife
William Mammatt & Son 1897..1906
(registered Dec 1885)
Basket, bowl, claret jug, kettle & burner, mug, salt, salver, teapot Arundel Street, Sheffield
William Morton & Sons 1898..1929
(registered Jun 1898)
Fruit knife, pocket knife Old Rockingham Works, Rockingham Street, Sheffield


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Nowill (in partnership with John Nowill) 1827..1844
(registered Jun 1825)
Fruit knife Medow Street, Sheffield
William Needham 1894..1938
(registered Jun 1891)
Butter knife blade, fruit knife, pen knife Jessop Street, Sheffield

Also seen without pellet

William Neale

William Neale & Son (from 1890)

William Neale & Son Ltd (from 1909)

(registered Jun 1898)
Box, card case, dish, perfume bottle, vesta Warstone Lane, Birmingham

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W N 1905..1908 Fruit knife, orange peeler Possibly William Neale & Son


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Walter Adams Phillips 1904..1913
(registered Apr 1896)
Ladle, spoon Holborn Circus, London
W P & P 1948 Flatware
William Padley & Son 1872..1878
(registered Oct 1875)
Basket, cruet, egg cruet, ink stand Burgess Street, Sheffield; subsequently Howard Street, Sheffield
William Padley & Son

subsequently W Padley & Son Ltd

(registered May 1892)
William Philip Whiteman (probably) 1918 Spoon Vyse Street, Birmingham

N.B. This mark identified from identical entries in Chester & Birmingham registers only


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Wingfield Rowbotham & Co 1903..1909
(registered Jun 1899)
Spoon & tongs set Suffolk Road, Sheffield
Walker & Hall (1892..1894)
W R Humphreys & Co

subsequently W R Humphreys & Co Ltd

(registered Mar 1899)
Caster, flatware Eyre Street, Sheffield
W R Humphreys & Co Ltd (probably) 1934..1952 Flatware, penknife Haddon Works, Denby Street, Sheffield
W R S 1975 Tray


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Sansom 1835..1841
(registered Jun 1835)
Knife blade, flatware Union Street, Sheffield
W S 1871 Flatware
Whitehill Silver & Plate Co 1995 Clock
Wilkinson Sword Co 1905
(registered Mar 1905)
Fruit knife Pall Mall, London
W & C Sissons (Walter & Charles Sissons) 1892..1936
(registered Nov 1890)
Butter knife, claret jug, salver, tea service St Mary's Road, Sheffield
W & G Sissons (William & George Sissons) 1864..1869
(registered Dec 1858)
Claret jug, teapot Eyre Street, Sheffield
William & Henry Stratford 1859..1878
(registered Oct 1855)
Inkwell, mug, plate, salver Surrey Street, Sheffield
W S Ltd 1944..1947 Flatware, napkin ring
W S Savage & Co 1896..1912
(registered Jul 1894)
Flatware Standard Works, Pond Street, Sheffield

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W S S & Co 1932..1934 Flatware
William Hutton & Sons Ltd (1896..1939, 1997)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Walter Trickett 1902..1927
(registered Jul 1894)
Flatware, trophy cup Holly Street, Sheffield; later Trippet Lane, Sheffield
William Turner & Co 1930
(registered Jun 1903)
Spoon Eyre Street, Sheffield
William Tucker & Co (William Tucker, James Fenton, Godfrey Machin & William Whitelock) (registered May 1796) Mustard jar lid Plate Workers, Red Hill, Sheffield
William Tucker & Co (William Tucker, James Fenton & Godfrey Machon) 1810
(registered Oct 1810)
Walter Trickett & Co Ltd (probably) 1929..1971 Ladle, spoon Trippet Lane, Sheffield

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
William Tyler & Sons 1901
(registered Feb 1901)
Mug Brunswick Road, Sheffield
W T H 1953 Bowl
William Thomas Imbrey 1904
(registered Apr 1904)
Spoon Holborn Viaduct, London
William Thomas Staniforth 1903
(registered Sep 1902)
Fruit knife Ascend Cutlery Works, Arundel Lane, Sheffield


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Vale & Sons 1910
(registered Apr 1901)
Fruit knife Unett Street, Birmingham


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
White, Sons & Co 1879
(registered Aug 1878)
Salver, spoon Elcho Works, Burgess Street, Sheffield
W W 1971 Knife handle
William Walter Antiques Ltd 1971..1978 Knife handle, mug, pepperette, sauce boat Chancery Lane, London WC2
Whitehill Silver & Plate Co 1989..2004 Caddy spoon, candlestick, corkscrew, frame, toast rack
White, Henderson & Co 1866..1876
(registered Jun 1866)
Knife, salt, salver, tea service Elcho Works, Burgess Street, Sheffield
W W & S 1966 Mug
William Watson & Thomas Bradbury 1826
(registered Jan 1826)
Jar top Plate Workers, Mulbury Street, Sheffield
W W Harrison & Co (William Wheatcroft Harrison) 1871..1905
(registered Dec 1866)
Cup, dish, flatware, fruit knife, knife rest, napkin ring, salt, tea service Montgomery Works, Fargate, Sheffield
W W Harrison & Co Ltd 1907..1912
(registered Jul 1907)
Watson & Gillott (William Watson & Herbert Gillott) 1898..1921
(registered Jun 1896)
Dessert knife & fork set, spoon, tea service, tray Furnival Street, Sheffield
W W K & S Ltd 1938 Salver Possibly W W Kemp & Son Ltd of Corn Street, Bristol
White & Johnstone 1858
(registered Jan 1859)
Bottle stand North Street, Sheffield


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
William Yates Ltd 1910..1985 Flatware, knife handles Rockingham Street, Sheffield