Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (A)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Andrew Archer (1718 or 1722)
Art & Book Co 1928..1929 Pyx box Publishers, Paternoster Row, London EC; later Ashley Place, Victoria Street, London SW

A similar mark registered Nov 1904

A & B H 2008 Dish
Addis & Co 1975..1979 Bangle, ingot pendant Manufacturing jewellers, Stoke Newington Road, London N1 (1974), St John Street, London EC1 (1977), Hatton Garden, London EC1 (1980)
Asprey & Co Ltd 1908..1944, 1956
(registered Nov 1909)
Ash tray, basket, beaker, candlestick, card case, cigarette box, cigarette case, coaster, compact, condiments, decanter label, dish, flask, goblet, grape shears, ink pot, letter opener, lighter, matchbox holder, mug, mustard, napkin ring, paper knife, plate, salver, table lighter, toast rack, tongs, vanity jar top New Bond Street & Albermarle Street, London

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Allen & Darwin (Charles James Allen & Sidney Darwin) (registered May 1912) Portland Works, Arundel Street, Sheffield
Alstons' & Hallam (1902..1933)
Allen & Hanbury's Ltd 1951 Medical tube Pharmaceutical & medical instrument manufacturers, Bethnal Green, London
A & J Zimmerman (Arthur & John Zimmerman) 1890
(registered Oct 1889)
Spoon, vase Regent Place, Birmingham
(registered Oct 1889)
Arnold & Lewis 1908
(registered Jun 1906)
Dish St Ann's Square, Manchester
Anderson & Lehrs 1909
(registered Apr 1907)
Buckle Note: a very similar mark, but in sans-serif font, registered Jan 1914 by Alexander & Lawson of Glasgow
Army & Navy Cooperative Society Ltd 1903..1929
(registered Nov 1903)
Bowl, buckle, cup holder, flask, salad server, spoon, table lighter Victoria Street, Westminster, London SW

For earlier marks see under FBM (Frederick Bradford Macrea)

Army & Navy Stores Ltd 1936
A & S J 1977 Ingot pendant
Arnold & Sons 1914
(registered Dec 1903)
Medical probe Surgical instrument makers

A similar mark with sans-serif lettering registered Sep 1911:

A & T 1888 Spoon Probably a retailer's mark - not shown in Culme and seen with JW over FCW mark of Wakely & Wheeler
A & W 1936 Bowl


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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Arthur Annesley 1758..1761
(registered Mar 1758)
Basket, salver Bankrupt 1762
Aron Brothers (Albert Aron) 1900
(registered Sep 1882)
Imported chatelaine clip Fancy goods manufacturers & dealers, Bridewell Place, London EC & Rue de Bondy, Paris
Algernon Asprey Ltd 1976..1977 Bowl Jeweller, silversmith & internal decorator, Bruton Street, London
Anglo American Plate Co 1901..1904
(registered Apr 1902)
Imported items: dish, jar lid Chancery Lane, London EC

In business 1901-1904


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments

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Abraham Buteux 1726..1728
(registered May 1721, died 1731)
Abel Brokesby 1727
(registered Aug 1727)
Brandy warmer
Alexander Barnet 1765
(registered Aug 1759)
Abraham Barrier 1781..1784
(registered May 1782)
Alfred Barton 1840..1866 Box, flatware, vesta Spoon maker
(registered Jul 1840)
Adam Burgess Spoon & fork maker
(registered Mar 1846)
Abraham Brownett Smallworker
(registered Mar 1865)
Abraham Brownett 1864
(registered Dec 1863)
Box Richmond Buildings, Dean Street, London

Brownett died in Dec 1867 and the business was continued by his widow Jane Brownett

Waltham Watch Co (registered Aug 1876) AB (Alfred Bedford) was the manager of the Waltham Watch Co, Holborn Circus, London

A similar mark with stop registered Sep 1876:

Arthur Baume & Co 1881..1882
(registered Nov 1876)
Watch case Watch manufacturer & importer, Hatton Garden, London EC

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1887, 1925
(registered Apr 1883 & 1888, 1907)
(registered Nov 1876 & 1888)
Albert Barker Ltd 1902..1906
(registered Sep 1901)
Box, jar lid, pendant, pincushion New Bond Street, London W

A similar mark with stop rather than pellet registered same date:

A C Bloxham Ltd (Albert Cowley Bloxham) 1906..1938
(registered Apr 1906)
Bowl, cigarette case, egg cup, napkin ring, spoon, trophy cup Holborn Circus, London
Noble & Co (Arthur Bowe) 1911
(registered Feb 1911)
Imported (Russian) frame Arthur Bowe trading as Noble & Co, importers of gold & silver wares, Haymarket, London SW
A B 1975..1982 Imported items: bookmark, box, ceremonial trowel, frame
A B 1976 Box
Amanda Birkett 1995..2006 Decanter label, menu holder, napkin ring, paper knife
A B 2000..2003 Candlestick, spoon
Albert Baker & Co (1898) Ltd (registered Sep 1910) Tobacconists, Holloway Road, London N
Andrew Barrett & Sons 1892..1916
(registered Oct 1892)
Bookmark, box, imported items (buckle, cigar cutter, letter opener), jar lid, matchbox holder, paper knife, statuette Piccadilly, London
(registered Jul 1910)
Hunt & Roskell (1895..1896)

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Arthur Brian Burton 1927
(registered Jun 1913)
Model dog Summer Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey
A B C 1975 Napkin ring
Adolph Barsach Davis 1927..1936 Imported items: box, caddy spoon Jeweller, Queensway, London W2
A B G 1978 Ingot pendant
Alice & George Burrows II 1801..1808
(registered Jul 1801)
Box, flatware, salt, tea service, vinaigrette Partnership lasted from death of George Burrows (I) in 1801 until the death of Alice Burrows in 1819
Hunt & Roskell 1890..1893
(registered Sep 1889)
Buckle, coffee pot, flatware, salt Alfred Benson & Henry Hugh Webb (partners in J W Benson Ltd) trading as Hunt & Roskell, New Bond Street, London
(registered Jun 1894)
Alfred Benson & Arthur Henry Benson (partners in J W Benson Ltd), directors of Hunt & Roskell Ltd, New Bond Street, London
Brownett & Rose (Abraham Brownett & John Rose) 1858..1860
(registered Jul 1858)
Box, cup, scent bottle lid Richmond Buildings, Dean Street, London

Brownett became the sole proprietor Dec 1863

Abraham Barrier & Louis Ducommieu 1774..1775 Spoon
Albert Barker Ltd 1913
(registered Dec 1913)
Box lid Dressing case maker, New Bond Street, London W

Company wound up March 1915

Adie Brothers Ltd 1920
(registered Jan 1914)
Tea service Frederick Street, Birmingham

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Aron Brothers 1915
(registered Sep 1911)
Imported purse
Ahronsberg Brothers 1902
(registered Jun 1901)
Imported spoon Albion Street, Birmingham
Adey Bellamy Savory 1826..1827
(registered Feb 1826)
Flatware, tea service Son of Joseph Savory I
(registered Oct 1826)
(registered Nov 1829)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Augustine Courtauld I 1739..1742
(registered Jul 1739)
Ann Chesterman 1776
(registered Apr 1775)
Andrew Crespel 1859
(registered Sep 1858)
Mustard, teapot stand James Street, Haymarket, London

Son of Sebastian Crespel. Company became Crespel & Parker in 1863 (see AC over TP)

Castelberg, Petitpierre & Co

Castelberg & Co (from 1879)

(registered Aug 1875) Antoine Castelberg & Fritz Petitpierre, watch & clock makers, Holborn Viaduct, London; also had premises in Frederick Street, Birmingham & Chaux-de-Fonts, Switzerland
Alexander Crichton 1882
(registered Nov 1872)
Imported knife fork & spoon set, novelty claret jug Russell Street, London WC (1872); subsequently (1876) Gerrard Street, London W

In partnership as Crichton & Curry (1880), Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, London W

Albert Curtis (registered Apr 1890) Case maker, Cope Street, Coventry
Arthur Carter 1895
(registered Aug 1891)
Caster Manufacturing silversmith, Newman Street, London W; later (c1905) Charlotte Street, London W

Also registered a similar mark with stop between letters same date

Alexander Clark 1894..1898
(registered Jul 1891)
Box, decanter label, jar lid Fenchurch Street, London EC
Alfred Clark 1898..1923
(registered Oct 1898)
Bowl, box, coffee pot, dish, flask, stamp case, stick mount, vesta Old Bond Street & New Bond Street, London W; later Conduit Street, London W
Alwyn Carr 1920..1928 Box, dish, spoon, trophy cup

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
Ann Clarke 1979
(registered 1974)
Caddy spoon
A C 1983..1984 Ingot pendant
Cohen & Charles (registered Sep 1893) Albert Cohen & Charles Solomon trading as Cohen & Charles, Thavies Inn, Holborn, London
A Chick & Sons Ltd 1957..1979
(registered 1946)
Butter shell, coaster, condiments set, decanter label, miniature tea service & tray, mug, salver, spoon Goswell Road, London EC; (from c1975) Hornsey Road, London N7
A C Co 1962..1978 Decanter label, horse figurine
A C Co 1962..1964 Decanter label
A C Co 1973..1977 Ingot pendant, novelty salt shaker & pepperette
A C K 2003 Key ring fob
The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co 1903..1908
(registered Jul 1900)
Bowl, box, flask, trophy cup, vanity jar top Fenchurch Street, Oxford Street & Market Place, London & Welbeck Works, Randall Street, Sheffield

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(registered Apr 1909)
Alexander Clark & Co Ltd 1913..1929
(registered Apr 1912)
Asprey & Co Ltd (1985)

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Alfred Charles Pruden 1931 Caddy spoon Changed name to Dunstan Pruden (see under DP) on conversion to Roman Catholicism

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Anton Pruden 1992..1993 Creamer, spoon Ditchling, Sussex
Andrew Crespel & Thomas Parker 1863..1874
(registered Jul 1863)
Decanter label, dish, salver, toast rack James Street, Haymarket, London

Crespel died March 1875 and the company continued until 1878 under Thomas Parker as sole partner

A C W 1979 Caddy spoon