Silver Makers' Marks - London Assay Office (B)



Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
Braybrook & Britten 2001 Candlestick, pen, wrist watch case Park Parade, Ealing, London W3

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Blyth & Beck (Ernest Blyth & Frances Beck) 1988 Spoon Whitehorse Street, London W1
B & B S 1973..1977 Candelabrum, spoon
Blow & Co (registered Aug 1900) Ferdinand Fekelmeyer & Francis William Lloyd trading as Blow & Co, Gracechurch Street, London
Butt & Co 1917..1930
(registered Mar 1906)
Spoon Jewellers & silversmiths, Eastgate Row, Chester & High Street, Wrexham
Brewis & Co 1907..1912
(registered Jan 1907)
Flatware Marshall Street, London
Blackburn & Co 1919
(registered Aug 1907)
Napkin ring
W I Broadway & Co 1936..1939 Brush, mirror
Boodle & Dunthorne 1939..2003 Dish, trophy Lord Street, Liverpool
Blackmore & Fletcher Ltd 1916..1940
(registered Jul 1913)
Bowl, box, candlestick, caster, jug, napkin ring, salver, tazza, tea service, trophy cup Directors: Ernest Blackmore and Joseph Washington Fletcher.

Manufacturing silversmiths, Ramillies Place, Oxford Street, London

Birch & Gaydon 1912..1958
(registered Mar 1911)
Bowl, coffee pot, spoon, table bell, wager cup Goldsmiths, silversmiths & watchmakers, Fenchurch Street, London EC3
B & G West 1931..1945 Box, brush, hand mirror, jar lid Charles Street, Hatton Garden, London EC1

Also seen (1946) with non-serif letters:

Bruford & Heming Ltd 1977..1983 Commemorative items (bookmark, decanter label, dish, letter opener, spoon), napkin clip Jewellers & silversmiths, Conduit Street, London W1
Boosey & Hawkes Ltd 1954 Bugle
Brown & Knell Ltd 1912
(registered Aug 1912)
Menu holder, tongs Manufacturing silversmiths, Lisle Street, London W

Successors to H S Brown & Co (see HSB). Company went out of business c1915

B & M 1967 Imported cigar cutter
Barnett & Scott (possibly) 1891..1892 Compass This mark is not shown in CulmeCulme, John - Directory of Gold and Silversmiths, Jewellers and Allied Traders 1838-1914,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1987, but a similar mark was registered at Chester Assay Office, 1884, by Barnett & Scott, goldsmiths, jewellers, silversmiths, watch & clock makers, White Friar Gate, Hull, Yorkshire
Brook & Son 1913..1939
(registered May 1910)
Butter knife, jug, spoon George Street, Edinburgh
Bracher & Sydenham 1911
(registered Oct 1911)
Caster Minster Street, Reading; subsequently Queen Victoria Street, Reading
Bowden & Sons 1969..1975 Commemorative items: goblet, spoon; decanter label Royal Parade, Plymouth
B & S M 1989 Brooch
Blackburn & Tysall (Francis Blackburn & Alfred Tysall) 1899..1906
(registered Feb 1899)
Basket, bowl, box, brush, dish
Butler & Wilson Ltd 1978..1988 Badge, brooch Fulham Road, London SW3
B & W Ltd 1924..1978 Ecclesiastical silver (communion set, candlestick, pyx box)


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
John Barnard I 1716
(registered c1713)

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Richard Bayley 1716..1720
(registered Mar 1708)
Cup, mug, teapot
Joseph Barbut 1719
(registered Jul 1717)
Spoon A similar mark with less deep crown registered Oct 1703
John Bache 1720
(registered Nov 1700)
Thomas Bamford 1720
(registered Jan 1720)
Box Noted maker of casters
B A C 1977..1989 Letter opener, novelty box, buckle
Benjamin Alfred Green 1865..1866
(registered Jul 1858)
Watch case Case maker
B A H 1984..1997 Armada dish, box, goblet
B A J 1939 Cigarette case
British Automatic Mesh Company 1915..1917
(registered Apr 1913)
Bag Fritz Weiss Jr & George Dresden (of Pforzheim, Germany) trading as British Automatic Mesh Co, manufacturer of machine made mesh bags, Hatton Garden, London


Mark Maker Dates seen Seen on Comments
B B 1685 Box, spoon "Unidentified" by JacksonPickford, Ian, ed. - Jackson's Silver and Gold Marks of England, Scotland and Ireland,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1997
B B 1762..1765 Mug, spoon, wine funnel This mark not shown in GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990
Benjamin Bickerton 1762..1777
(registered Mar 1762 & 1771)
Mug, salt
Benjamin Barling 1850..1861
(registered Sep 1815 & various dates to 1852)
Pipe mount, vesta box High Street, Camden Town, London
Benjamin Barling & Sons 1863
(registered Dec 1862)

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Barnabas Blackburn 1877..1879
(registered May 1875)
Goblet, teapot, tongs
(registered May 1880)
B B 1881 Basket This mark not shown in CulmeCulme, John - Directory of Gold and Silversmiths, Jewellers and Allied Traders 1838-1914,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1987

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B B 1936 Pepper mill Possibly Bertrand Breakspear, Ely Place, London EC1
B B 1964 Ashtray
B B 1983 Fob medal
Busy Bee 2010..2013
(registered 2010)
Buckle, letter opener, statuette
B B A 1969 Sauce boat Attributed to Brian Allen
Blumfeld's Best Briars (subsequently Britain's Best Briars) 1903 Cigar holder Proprietors: Adolph Frankau & Co Ltd, Queen Victoria Street, London EC

Mark also seen with Frankau's LB (for Louis Blumfield) mark

B B J 1985 Money clip
Borgzinner Brothers Ltd 1901
(registered Aug 1901)
Imported spoon