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William Fawdery c1696 Box, caster, cruet, mug, saucepan This may be the same mark as William Fawdery's 1720 mark, but not enough can be seen to be sure and there was no obvious guild mark or date letter associated with the mark. Dating evidence is an inscription reading 1699.
1720 Noted as "Unregistered" by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990
(registered Jul 1720)
This mark on both pre-1697 and post-1720 sterling
(registered Jul 1720
William Fordham or William Fleming 1725..1728 Brandy pan, creamer, mug, ladle Noted as "Unregistered" by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990
William Fearn 1772..1774
(registered May 1774)

(image courtesy of Keith Saville)
(registered Apr 1769)
William Frisbee 1791
(registered Jan 1792)
Basket, chamberstick, dish, plate, sucrier, teapot stand In partnership with Paul Storr (1792 - 1793)

Also registered a mark in conjoined circles Jun 1798, but note William Fountain's 1794 mark

(registered Jun 1801)

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William Fountain 1794..1796
(registered Sep 1794)
Chamberstick & snuffer, kettle & burner, plate, salt, salver, sauce boat, tea service, tray, wine funnel
(registered Jun 1798)
(registered Feb 1821)
William Fielder 1813..1825
(registered Apr 1813 & 1825)
Watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London
(registered Feb 1823)
(registered Jun 1841)
William Francis 1834
(registered Aug 1833)
Watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London
William Forrester 1837
(registered Jul 1828)
Bread fork
W F 1890..1894 Watch case A similar mark registered at Chester Assay Office, Nov 1883, by William Flower, case maker, Weston Street, Coventry
Fordham & Faulkner (William Charles Fordham & Albert Buckley Faulkner) 1896..1897
(registered Jun 1896)
Bowl, napkin ring, tea & coffee service Orchard Works, Sheffield
William Fountain & Daniel Pontifex 1792..1793
(registered Jul 1791)
Candlestick, plate, salver
William Francis Garrud 1888..1892
(registered Dec 1887)
Buckle, card case, chatelaine clip, vesta Holborn Circus, London
William & John Fisher 1794..1795
(registered Aug 1793 & Aug 1797)
W F & I K 1767 Cup, mug, salt, tankard Mark "Unidentified" by JacksonPickford, Ian, ed. - Jackson's Silver and Gold Marks of England, Scotland and Ireland,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1997 and "not traced" by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990. It may have been recorded in the lost 1758-1773 Largeworkers' Register.
William & John Frisbee 1811..1814
(registered Sep 1811)
Jug, plate, teapot A similar mark (WF over IF) registered May 1814
I  F
W F Knight Ltd 1977..1981 Bell, caddy spoon Ecclesiastical metalworkers, Stanley Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
William Frisbee & Paul Storr 1792
(registered May 1792)
Basket First work of Paul Storr (1792-1793 only)
William Frederick Williams 1872..1874
(registered Nov 1872)
Buckle, matchstriker, purse
(registered Nov 1875)
Wright & Davies (1895..1918)
Wright & Davies (1918..1919)
W Folgate & William Osborne 1825
(registered Nov 1825)
Spoon Norwich, Norfolk


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William Gamble 1693..1695 (free 1688) Coffee pot, mug, porringer, tankard, tazza This mark unattributed by Jackson, described as "WG crowned in a dotted circle", but resemblance to Gamble's Britannia standard mark implies this is his mark too.
(registered Apr 1697)

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William Gould 1734
(registered Oct 1732)
Candlestick, chamberstick, dish, snuffer tray This mark has a mullet (star) below; the image shown by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990 does not have a pellet between the letters
(registered Jun 1739)
(registered Jun 1748)
William Gwillim 1741..1749
(registered May 1740)
Pounce pot, toddy ladle
William Grundy 1744
(registered Dec 1743)
Butter shell, candlestick, coffee pot, cup, ink stand, kettle, mug, plate, tankard, tea caddy, teapot Holloware maker
(registered Jun 1748)
(registered May 1754)
William Godfrey 1783
(registered Jan 1772)
Dish warmer
William Galloway 1824
(registered Jul 1823)
Gough & Silvester (William Gough) (registered Aug 1864) Chamber stick, ink stand, salt spoon Parade, Birmingham
William Graeme 1882
(registered Oct 1881)
Cruet stand
William Gibson 1896..1908 Sucrier, tray This mark not shown in CulmeCulme, John - Directory of Gold and Silversmiths, Jewellers and Allied Traders 1838-1914,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1987, but tray stamped "Gibson"
William Geiger 1902..1907
(registered Dec 1899)
Imported items: bottle stopper, cigar cutter, cigarette case, spoon
Walter Gardener Groves 1922..1933
(registered May 1909)
Bowl rim, jar lid, magnifying glass, perfume bottle
William George Batt 1895..1897
(registered Mar 1896)
Napkin holder, spoon
W G Connell 1893..1901
(registered Apr 1893)
Buckle, dish, tray Cheapside, London EC
William George Harris (registered Jan 1909) Ring manufacturer, President Street, London EC
W G H 1965..1977 Beaker, box
George Heming & William Chawner I (1776..1779)
William George Jamieson 1875..1885 Spoon, tongs Mark not shown in CulmeCulme, John - Directory of Gold and Silversmiths, Jewellers and Allied Traders 1838-1914,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1987

Aberdeen, Scotland

W G Jewellery 1974..1975 Bangle
Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co
(William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman)
(registered Jun 1882)
Bowl, candle snuffer, chalice, condiments, cup, flask, flatware, goblet, inkstand, mirror, napkin ring, salver, sauce boat, spectacles case, tea service, vase Regent Street, London
(registered Apr 1883)
(registered Sep 1890)
Mappin Brothers (William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman) 1890 Coffee pot, dish, goblet, jar lid, salver, sauce boat Baker's Hill, Sheffield

Not shown in CulmeCulme, John - Directory of Gold and Silversmiths, Jewellers and Allied Traders 1838-1914,  Antique Collectors' Club, 1987

William Gwillim & Peter Castle (1744)
Walwyn Godfrey Visick 1956..1971 Bowl, box, spoon Lostwithiel, Cornwall

b1905, d1978


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W H 1743 Salt Possibly William Hunter I but described as "of doubtful ascription" by GrimwadeGrimwade, Arthur - London Goldsmiths, 1697-1837: Their Marks and Lives,  Faber & Faber, 1990
W H 1748..1750 Salver This mark very similar to one registered by William Hunter I Jul 1755
William Homer 1750 Coffee pot
William Kersill (1758..1761)

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William Harrison I c1770
(registered Jul 1758 & 1781)
William Holmes 1775..1779
(registered Jan 1776)
Ewer, tankard, tureen
William Hall 1795..1798
(registered Jan 1795)
Spoon Plate worker
William Hodsall 1799
(registered Dec 1799)
Watch case Case maker, Bishopsgate, London

A similar mark registered Mar 1791 by William Howard II, case maker

William Hunter II 1801..1811
(registered Mar 1798)
Tea service

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(registered Sep 1824)
William Hammon (I) 1807
(registered Sep 1800)
Watch case Case maker, Clerkenwell, London
William Hewitt 1828..1835
(registered Feb 1829)
Caddy spoon, tea & coffee service
(registered Jan 1834)
William Harris 1833..1835
(registered Jan 1828)
Watch case Case maker, St James Street, Clerkenwell, London
William Hunter

William Hunter & Son
(from c1861)

(registered Oct 1841)
Dish, mug, mustard, spoon, tea & coffee service, wine funnel A continuation of the business of William Hunter II by his son, also William Hunter, and later, William Thomas Hunter, his grandson
William Hubbard 1863..1873
(registered Sep 1855)
Watch case Case maker
William Hutton & Son (registered Oct 1863) High Street, Sheffield
William Hammon 1869
(registered Jan 1869)
Watch case Case maker, Coventry
(registered Apr 1875)
(registered Feb 1876)
William Hornby 1899..1913
(registered Aug 1898)
Box, decanter, menu holder, vesta, wax holder
William Edward Hurcomb 1906
(registered Jul 1900)
Novelty pepperette
William M Hayes (registered Nov 1905) Spencer Street, Birmingham
W H 1962..1972 Bangle
W H 1974 Bangle

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William Hutt 1984 Pomander
W H 2007 Caddy spoon
W H & S 1930 Goblet
W H & S 2002 Cup
Brewis & Co (William Henry Brewis) 1890
(registered Feb 1890)
Chafing dish, grape scissors, spoon Mark erased from register Feb 1891. For succeeding Brewis & Co mark see TKB.
William Henry Christie 1882
(registered Sep 1881)
Watch case Case maker, Bull Ring, Coventry
W over H C over B (1977)
William Hair Haseler; W H Haseler Ltd (after c1910) (registered Nov 1876) Manufacturing jewellers, Richmond Street, Birmingham; subsequently Vyse Street & Hylton Street, Birmingham
W H Manton Ltd 1936 Box Manufacturing silversmiths, Pittsford Street, Birmingham
William Holmes & Nicholas Dumee 1774
(registered Sep 1773)
Bowl, teapot
The Sussex Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co 1907..1912
(registered Dec 1904)
Spoon William Hulbert Popley trading as the Sussex Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, Sussex
Searle & Co (Walter Henry Searle) 1898..1905
(registered Mar 1899)
Berry spoon, box, coffee pot, lidded bowl, salver, sauce boat, tea caddy, teapot, vanity jar top Note: versions with & without stops

Lombard Street, London

William Henry Sparrow 1917..1919
(registered Jun 1907)
Imported watch case Spencer Street, Birmingham

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William Hutton & Sons Ltd 1893..1907
(registered Apr 1894)
Basket, bowl, buckle, candlestick, caster, decanter, decanter label, flatware, frame, knife rest, menu holder, pepperette, salver, tazza, tea caddy, tea kettle, teapot, toast rack, tray, trophy cup West Street, Sheffield, Hanley Street, Birmingham & Farringdon Road, London
(registered Aug 1913)
William Henry Toyé 1906..1920
(registered Jul 1892)
Fob medal, masonic medal, pendant
Halstaff & Hannaford (William Halstaff & Thomas Charles Hannaford) 1842..1850
(registered Nov 1842)
Box, inkwell, jar lid
William Harrison Walter 1894..1898
(registered Jan 1888)
Jar top, vesta Newgate Street, London

(image courtesy of David Mercer)
W H Webber & Co (Walter Henry Webber) 1901
(registered Jun 1894)
Vesta Silversmiths, Paper Street, London EC
William Henry Wigens 1902
(registered Sep 1895)
Match holder
Walter H Willson Ltd (1957..1981)
William Henry Warmington 1949..1964 Creamer, knife, sauce boat, spoon, tea strainer, tongs Known as Harry Warmington. Revived Campden School of Arts & Crafts in 1946 with George Hart