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Thanks to the following who have allowed me to use makers' marks pictures:

AC Silver

Carlyon Silver


Dart Silver Ltd (also at...)

Leopard Antiques

Silver Sugar Tongs

Styles Silver of Hungerford

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Silver Restoration

Jeffrey Herman

Silversmiths' Web Sites

Many currently working silversmiths have their own web sites. Here is a selection:

James Baldwin Antiques

James R Biggins

Braybrook & Britten

Camelot Silverware Ltd

J A Campbell

Carr's of Sheffield Ltd

John Cussell

Stephen Einhorn Ltd

Joy Everley Jewellery

Theo Fennell plc

Fletcher Robinson Ltd

Ian Grant

Guild of Handicraft

Hebridean Jewellery

M C Hersey & Son Ltd

Adrian K A Hope

John Huddleston

Richard Jarvis

Sarah Jones

Philip Kydd

Grant MacDonald Silversmiths

L J Millington

Morrison-Ignatieff Silversmiths

Ari D Norman

Orkneyinga Silversmiths

Padgham and Putland Ltd

Payne & Son (of Oxford)

Payne & Son (of Tunbridge Wells)

Douglas Pell Silverware

P M R Jewellery

Searle & Co

Shetland Jewellery

Smith & Harris

Christopher Milton Stevens

Styles Silver of Hungerford

Richard M Whitehouse

Barry M Witmond

Yates Brothers